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Achievement of element of detail of real wood stair is classical
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■ the name steps Wu Xiaoqing of stair general manager In last few years, what real wood stair becomes high end to consume group villa, high-grade residence is new bestow favor on, chinese stair business also gets involved in succession market of real wood stair, channel mode is varied, pattern renovates sale strategy, competition is intense, the market flourishs. However, what consume a concept as consumer is mature with each passing day, progressively also incline to stabilizes the market, remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, the competition that in the final analysis returns warfare of price war, trench, advertisement battle, brand battle is a product. Have good product only, the consumption with just have good channel, good group, just have good consumptive market. Current, a when stair enterprise is faced with serious problem is a product is coessential change, material is qualitative close of identical, design, style is similar, the conduct propaganda that turns over each book, the product is similar. On the market, famous brand of enterprise crack oneself up, say to get give an extravagantly colourful description, consumer has a blurred vision, actor bad difficult differentiate; On competition, behave for " same product, who to see cry noisily, who to see the price is low " . If stair enterprise wheres coessential break through a tight encirclement in the competition that spend? If why establish image in consumer memory? We think, offer classical product only, ability arouses the interest of agency, ability makes an user satisfactory. Alleged and classical product, be for stair course of study: The user uses a product, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind of the first impression, reflect personality; Afterwards a year or two years, return the classical experience that this product can come from since memory, meaning still did not use up, the aftertaste is boundless. Detail reflects skill. Classical experience is by a series of detail experiences composition. Classical with not classical product, the surface is like it seems that same, but use truly, its detail difference is very far. Because the experience of the user is exquisite. The product characteristic such as face of simple sense, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, lacquer adds after service, the differential summation of countless detail, formed the difference of quality of product of real wood stair. Do not be afraid of not know all about the goods, be afraid that goods compares goods. Coessential those who change setting to fall is classical, see detail namely. Current, the competition of real wood stair, in the competition that detail is on particular significance. Detail affects quality, detail reflects grade, detail shows difference, detail decides success or failure. In this be particular about " intensive cultivation " times, one looks negligible detail, often can reflect your professional level, show your immanent accomplishment and character. The product of qualitative close of style, design, material, whose detail is handled well, who is classical, who can just win customer approbate. The name steps the successor that is real wood stair, enter the market later, take the processing of product detail seriously more. Do not have in each phase of products plan, production, sale do not put the detail of the product in crucial position. In brewed level establishing to include to manage salesperson of layer, stylist, market inside group of research and development, the purpose considers to make the classical stair product that accords with individuation of consumer of market demand, report namely. Designing link, product of stair of renown sureness wood inspected situation of market of countrywide each district adequately before roll out, analyse consumer to wait for demand of consumptive psychology individual character in setting of administrative levels of district custom, culture, society seriously, the design considers to help somebody attain his aim, all detail are not missed. Product not only stair of adopy real wood the characteristic of luxurious, air, draw lessons from the style with steel wood contracted, sweet, romantic stair on this foundation at the same time, infuse a kind of brand-new design element, having a unique style. To can satisfy the different requirement of users of each culture administrative levels, we studied at all times and in all over the world the stair characteristic of all sorts of styles, combine the distinct advantage of Euramerican stair art and Oriental culture, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, can design chic and original design according to the dimensional characteristic of the bedroom and master culture, hobby. Or those who show household is gorgeous, or the sweet romance that conveys a family, or the culture grade that alludes host, or the light clever verve of indication space, proper ground concerns the space and formal relation has correlation and combination ably, make be in harmony is stair and bedroom naturally an organic whole, become element of a kind of building truly. Producing segment, accomplish as close as the design correlation hard, reflect the perfect tie of contemporary design and technology adequately. Real wood stair is a kind of artwork, make by hand take majority process. The attention improves employee quality, use the respect such as skill, engineering technology to increase working capacity from the operating rules of the a bit, equipment hard, aggrandizement elevates employee the detail consciousness in the market, make clear its detail to work the meaning to whole organization and importance, breed the working atmosphere that pays attention to detail and workshop production environment to wait hard. When making first appearance ladder, on crucial painting technology, relapse experiment, last a period of time 3 many months, accomplish meticulous, excelsior. Stylist leaves a workshop personally, convey mechanic the requirement that designs intent and client, angle of carve patterns or designs on woodwork of the aperture of each tenon riveting to the product, pillar, bend wants one by one look over, accomplish meticulous, attentive, fine carve of carve of essence of life, perfect each detail of the product. And, as the place goods on trial sale of agency, we will undertake dogging serving to the user, establish user record, establish quality trace to get stuck (outspread all the time to the user) , user of fixed pay a return visit, hold user informal discussion, build system of feedback of perfect product information to wait. Through the user the life experiences, revise again, again again design, perfect, find out the optimal use experience of consumer to experience only, ability holds different user to be opposite the use demand of stair product, roll out classical stair product to the market.
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