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Stair should stress dimensional design
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■ Mao Yingfeng The design of stair space, have two meanings, the relationship that is the effect that shows stair is in a space and household whole environment is harmonious; 2 it is the processing that points to stair bottom space. The reporter consulted many professional, they think the design of stair space has the following to need to take seriously generally: One, the space joins. Open ladder to undertake joining in planar which position namely. Normally, the commonnest space in multilayer and villatic design joins means is the Founder space that reserves a sitting room, open a stair like open the door in dimensional a side next, space of outspread and consummate layer. This is a kind of means that makes mistake not easily, also accord with the psychological habit of most person. The train of thought of this kind of means, be segment space of a corner come out, put stair. Use this kind of means, often make stair becomes very isolated, have specific use function only it seems that. 2, dimensional imagination. No matter why be planted stair, realize the function that joins up and down. But we have such experience in the life, same floor, the stair that goes up to fall continuously continuously can let us feel very tired, the meeting after be being mounted is breathless. Conversely, winding and the stair that go up, we mount a feeling to appear very light. 3, clever decorate the space below stair. The module combined-type stairs that in be being lived in at present, uses and steel framework; A space all can appear below stair after stair is installed. This space cannot empty, want to decorate. If this space is deserted, you can feel stair has tumbledown feeling. If add thinking more in the landlord when decorating, can think the result that be less than of purpose.

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