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The baluster of stair and armrest
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The design principle of baluster and armrest All stair baluster comprise by two important elements: Upend element (the pillar that often is baluster) , and armrest. However, baluster part (the pillar of armrest, column, baluster) constitute a single element sometimes. Have pillar only when baluster when, say do not have column type for pillar. The style that can show a house as a result of them and showily, they basically are used at interior space. When the risk that there should be open and interstitial likelihood to bring about people dropping to fall on stair, recommend rise stair with baluster and corresponding safe facilities protection. This can inspect access to the need that opens open motor-driven setting. If the mark time of stair is little at 5 class, perhaps be less than 1m highly, need not install armrest surely. Be less than when the rake of stair 1: 4 when also need not install baluster surely. When the use width of stair is less than 1.25m, must be in of stair among them a side installs armrest, must install in working space armrest in go upstairs of direction on the right side of. It is when the width of stair between 1.25~2.50m when, armrest must be installed in two side. Curve stair to also must install armrest in two side, when the width of stair is more than 2.50m, must the inter is added set a baluster. The baluster of stair arrives from the leading edge of footfall of armrest most the least space above is 90cm. If freedom descends to be more than 12m highly, so the smallest height of the baluster of stair is 1.10m.    Stair baluster design and armrest are apart from The first class of the mark time that the choice wants to install baluster and the level line of last class. Choose the horizontal distance between footfall footplate, footplate number adds up, but do not calculate the last class mark time that joining platform. Build one right-angled triangle with these data, make its are above dimension by the side of two right angle, criterion the rake that the bevel edge of the right-angled triangle is baluster. Armrest is as parallel as this line on corresponding height. Rest namely next platform joint dot and the design with bottom baluster. The design of armrest should withstand the load of square metre of horizontal way 50kg/ . Baluster must be used make material forcedly be made, adopt safeguard to person dropping falls or drop in order to prevent content breaks the person below. The cent column of baluster does not allow the sphere of a 12cm to pass on level or upend direction, the diameter of baluster column is 20mm at least. The level of baluster differentiates the requirement cannot make the child has climbed. In there is upend in the center of stair the baluster of bar is very unique design, it provided overall protection for children, this is planted the ground floor from stair connects a bar all the time reach the summit layer, this system created to skin texture particularly, make stair is looked like outfit in grid of a metal. The use of metallic baluster is general ascribe their functional sex and low price, use spot welding they can be gotten on in the structure of stair by easily installation. Pass degree of the amount of fluctuant metal rod, polish, color, final result can be reached with the interior design of any style forms unified. The control that the appearance of armrest must want a hand accuses with cozy feeling, what go up through section plane and function is harmonic, the diameter is in 3, the congratulate canal between 5cm suits quite. Armrest is least from the wall of 4cm far, if armrest is double deck armrest, so the distance between two armrest should have 10cm at least. Beginning baluster from the ramp of stair must be successive. If the corner of armrest does not have shape of consummate circular arc, so the turn line of armrest is resting above platform of last class and footfall of the first class kick board line to go up. Choosing the baluster with different qualitative capable person is the important element of processing stair and its surroundings relation, the choice of material color and stair paragraph the crucial factor that the creation with a successional linear is environmental design. Transparent element or lever apply the visibility that can reduce baluster. Be like the vitreous baluster of a group of grace, with the metal fixed device is secured surely go up in stair structure, wooden banisters makes its look already comfortable safe, and created the sweet feeling of certain level.
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