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Stair designs element
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In double entry and the living room of the residence that jump a layer, most conspicuous often is stair. Reasonable use a space, choose ably to decorate, can make the bedroom produces result of optimal adornment art, it satisfies people to use functional requirement already, can give a person beautiful enjoyment again. Tell from the function, as the tool of perpendicular traffic, stair will be contacted cheek by jowl together between layer and layer, but besides contented and practical function, still should come to it design as an artwork. According to the regulation of residential standard, set inside the clear span of stair should be faced at the same time 0.75m should not is less than when sky; When two side have a wall, should not be less than 0.90m. This sets even if carry the reasonable width of furniture and stair of fluctuation of every day object. In addition, set inside the footfall width of stair should not be less than 0.22m, height should not be more than 0.20m, sector footfall corner is apart from armrest edge 0.25m to be in, width should not be less than 0.22m. After stair design comes out, the design of living room also can produce very big change because of this, because stair has certain gradient, gradient is had move feeling, appear special in living room so grab an eye, because this stair is in,the position in domestic decorate design appears very distinctive. The creation that decorates stair must be subject to the unity of overall style, but the source that it also can make creative work, the line form that uses it namely will unite overall one's style of work as well as one's moral quality. People is right now the design of stair is to solve perpendicular traffic function not simply, it also is the distinctive place that adorns interior space. Besides undertake decorate to stair itself, stair also formed to be located in the independent space between fluctuation floor at the same time, by the exterior, show slightly hazy, a winding path leading to a secluded spot. A few photographs or it is the grade that a few canvas can give host fully and vogue, corridor of an individual character can grace for the bedroom many.

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