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Stair designs generality
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Stair designs the house property market with current generality, all sorts of door model the design is being abided by it is with the person this principle, have a few double entry, design that jumps the individuation such as the layer more. However of individual character door model the design deserves to decorate ability to build the ego space that gives a perfect ideal with classical adornment of individuation even. No matter be double entry jumps layer or Townhouse, the sign that has a key -- stair. Cover the stair inside as the bedroom, it often becomes the center of composition of a picture of interior space, to this kind of focus that residential stair is people judge or attention normally, outstanding design adornment can have the effect that make the finishing point to whole bedroom. In double entry and the living room of the residence that jump a layer, most conspicuous often is stair. Reasonable use a space, choose ably to decorate, can make the bedroom produces result of optimal adornment art, it satisfies people to use functional requirement already, can give a person beautiful enjoyment again. Tell from the function, as the tool of perpendicular traffic, stair will be contacted cheek by jowl together between layer and layer, but besides contented and practical function, still should come to it design as an artwork. According to the regulation of residential standard, set inside the clear span of stair should be faced at the same time 0.75M should not is less than when sky; When two side have a wall, do not answer small with 0.90M. This sets even if carry the reasonable width of furniture and stair of fluctuation of every day object. In addition, set inside the footfall width of stair should not be less than 0.22M, height should not be more than 0.20M, sector footfall corner is apart from armrest edge 0.25M to be in, width should not be less than 0.22M. After stair design comes out, the design of living room also can produce very big change because of this, because stair has certain gradient, gradient is had move feeling, appear special in living room so grab an eye, because this stair is in,the position in domestic decorate design appears very distinctive. The creation that decorates stair must be subject to the unity of overall style, but the source that it also can make creative work, the line form that uses it namely will unite overall one's style of work as well as one's moral quality. People is right now the design of stair is to solve perpendicular traffic function not simply, it also is the distinctive place that adorns interior space. Besides undertake decorate to stair itself, stair also formed to be located in the independent space between fluctuation floor at the same time, by the exterior, show slightly hazy, a winding path leading to a secluded spot. A few photographs or it is the grade that a few canvas can give host fully and vogue, corridor of an individual character can grace for the bedroom many. Stair basically has below a few kinds: 1, vertical ladder. Had seen rarely now. Because take up too much space. 2, arc ladder. Still room of a few double entry uses this kind of design now, but this kind of design suits large double entry house only. 3, stepladder. The design of room of most double entry. 4, winding stair. The mutation of stepladder. Stair basically has the Qu Liang that gets power, footfall, armrest and baluster composition, clever stylist these main component part organic ground join rises, mutual design getting power gives all sorts of beautiful model. Be like ligneous whirl ladder, of every pace step plate suffer force to be in two end. Do one's best nods inter cylinder to go up, another force dot is to be on Pan Long's armrest, achieve after body of fluctuation force o'clock sharp suffer force to reach protect surround two purposes. Ligneous square stair, step plate suffers on a cant beam of force inter, and the force of stable step plate is delivered directly go up in wall body, and side delivers another force to go up in armrest. The graph is beautiful vitreous footplate stair and its changeful arc ladder, it basically suffers force to be on Qu Liang, and baluster rises to protect column and illuminative action. A little stair general footfall is suspensory on above beam, still having stair of footplate of cantilever of a kind of single roof beam is transfer power go up in fluctuation beam, these stair designs all are modelling is mixed mechanical the example that optimizes combination. In the design of double entry room, stair has very crucial effect, namely bear before after afterwards. So, of stair decorate must first consideration this one premise. In the meantime, ladder, the key is the design of armrest. The stand or fall that armrest designs, it is the Chongzhongzhi of the stand or fall of the design of a ladder weighs assess. Data looks from formally of course is to have a lot of kinds, say very hard also one by one, but go up character in material for, easier however number comes out. Ladder can install medium material to make decoration with any homes, for example real wood, flag, ceramic tile, armor plate, carpet is waited a moment. The key of stair is the design of armrest. The stand or fall that armrest designs, it is the Chongzhongzhi of the stand or fall of the design of a ladder weighs assess. Help up indoorly bar design most abstain from stainless steel of the face that use lens or metal of face of other Yin Liang. If you want to be done with stainless steel really, the proposal uses the stainless steel of dumb face. According to my experience, doing stair to help the best stuff that bar up is the steel that use forge, it is cast-iron next, it is wood again, it is porcelain again. Optimal armrest material is wood, it is stone next. The design of floor level, often had finalized the design in the building. But also having a lot of owner demolish reshipment. And anyhow modelling, if you want to redesign, optimal material is to use cement concrete, coming down again is steel structure, and coming down just is woodiness. From this respect regard, say to be sure to make stair is when the pedestrian with respect to this, as far as possible little hair phonate is noisy. Gradient: In the stair that designs in oneself, gradient also is an issue that wants a consideration. This wants to be calculated according to coming actually. Comfortable stair step height with 15cm advisable, if exceed 18cm, when ascending stair, can feel tired; Step width with 27-30cm advisable. Stair has very bright directivity, face stair, everybody can ascend the stairs in spite of oneself. So, the stair that avoid by all means is in into the door points to the corridor that leads to bedroom area directly, with bringing the view of people to illicit close space. Seeing stair is euqally simple furniture, but if oversight its detail processing, still can appear a lot of " big " problem, the promotion of life character, be in these fine point certainly. 1. Whether does noise want small: Stair wants not only strong, safe, beautiful, it still ought not to have given out big noise when use. Walk in the place on stair to give out " Dong, Dong " sound often is very terrible, be in especially in the still of night when. The material of the noise of stair and step plate is qualitative and integral design is relative, also matter with the connection between each components. 2. Whether to use environmental protection data: Furniture of no less than is what comprise by material is same, stair this " furniture " also be by " material " of composition, for instance the footfall of real wood should pass painter foreword. This are very easy by person oversight. Remind everybody when choosing stair design, also want to care it to whether be comprised by environmental protection material, its produce working procedure whether environmental protection. Do not let stair brandish issue harmful to the person chemical material. 3. Whether to eliminate acute angle: All component Ying Guang of stair is slippery, fruity, did not highlight, acerb part, the person that lest be opposite,use is caused innocently harm. Just think, wearing skirt when ladies, the ground waves like flying Apsaras go upstairs, go in front, give however from the back be hanged, can produce what kind of vision result. At the same time the footplate of stair, want to notice the horn that make a circle is handled, avoid to cause harm to crural ministry. 4. The changes in temperature of armrest: If use a metal to regard the baluster of stair as armrest, manufacturer of so best requirement does processing in metallic surface, be in especially northward, the metal feels in the iciness when winter, can make a person particularly uncomfortable, this pair of old people especially important. There is armrest on the market at present, have the cruel feeling like the metal already, not frozen however. At the same time the armrest diameter of stair with 5.5 centimeters advisable, because the person's tiger's mouth-jaws of death is 5.5 centimeters commonly, uprear will meet very comfortable. 5. The baluster width of stair: Should consider the possibility of child collet, or is child head enters what do not go, child can cross or freely. Baluster is removed with 8 centimeters advisable, because 8 centimeters removed as it happens can prevent a child,extend the head piquantly go in. 6. Construction is convenient: Choice stair chooses the installation way of stair even. Quick, convenient installation is met to you and neighbour significant. The meeting in the process that convenient installation way is installing reduces noise and dust to lowermost rate. And the stair that need solders is existing in installing a process safe hidden trouble, odour and dust also are the pollution to living in an environment. 7. Stair illume is exquisite: From stair located position is told, feeling giving a person mostly darker, so the design of illuminant becomes particularly important. Key light source, the respect such as second illuminant, artistic illume wants to be decided according to actual condition, too dark lamplight is gone against walk safe, too bright easy occurrence dazzle, because this light should master in downy while the level that reachs certain clarity. The adornment of stair needs stair board, armrest and post. Material has wood, ironwork (have forge is hit and cast-iron two kinds) , marble, glass and stainless steel. Wood stair this is the market has a rate is the oldest kind. The main reason that consumer likes is lumber itself has warm feeling, together with and ground plank pledge and colour matchs easily, construction is opposite more convenient also. Choice wood becomes the customer of stair, the to stair floor dimension configuration when wanting to notice to choosing a floor board, at present the dimension of the floor on the market grows with 90 centimeters, 10 centimeters wide for most, but stair floor can match 15 centimeters 120 centimeters long, wide floor, such one case stair want two only enough, but little a juncture, easy also construction and maintain.
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