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The space of stair is designed
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1, style: The concise, lively, contracted style that uses geometrical design and onefold colour to reflect it more, contemporary, fashionable stair design. 2, it is with the person this: The design that protects column reflects this one concept, 8-12mm protects column span to be designed strictly according to international safety standard with making sure the use of old person child is safe absolutely. 3, scientific sex: Stair made full use of when the design mechanical with human body labour learns a principle to pass the mechanical analysis when be being used to stair product, designed dispersive bear force, trends suffers force, flexible the way of construction of type of backbone folded joint that support. The design of this kind of structure passes the mutual drawing between each component, each other is bearing, when human body sets foot on footplate, should be a footplate bearings not only rectify ministry stair to be in however get power. 4, disassemble quality: Stair is different from other adornment product, it is the bridge of space of the lower level on join. Current double entry door model the mouth has volume even if bigger article also cannot be carried after stair of big mouth mount. Stair wants mature client to use type of dowel joint of module joining together to be able to undertake for many times decomposing installing in the convenient craft in use process. Some stair products are installation more when disassembling again, contain ruinous. 5, the thematic style of stair is modernistic style. This kind of style used geometrical design to behave concise individual character. The use of much material also makes the work of modernistic style had very big model a gender. Include plastic, the block of irregular appearance and canal of plating chromium steel. Be designed and the key is put in formal color to mix is not adscititious act the role of on its but differentiate feature is abstraction, form is changed.

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