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The technology that installs stair asks (3)
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Each ladder of same stair paragraph, dimension of the height of its footfall, width should be identical, dimension is not due mobbish changes, in order to make sure gradient and step relation are constant.
3, ladder Duan Kuan is spent
Ladder Duan Kuan is spent be decided commonly by current stream of people, in order to assure current and smooth for the principle. Duan Kuan spends single person's current ladder to should be 800-900mm commonly; Duan Kuan spends the ladder with current two-men to should be 1100mm commonly- - 1400mm; Duan Kuan spends 3 people's current ladder to should be commonly 1650- - 2100. If more stream of people are current, increase 550 by every stream of people (0-150) the width of Mm. When ladder Duan Kuan is spent armrest relying on a wall should be set commonly when be more than 1400mm, and 4-5 person should exceed on stair should add commonly when stream of people set intermediate armrest.
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