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Build the three-dimensional CAD technology of stair
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One, introductive
Stair is one of the commonnest member in of all kinds building, should go to the lavatory namely practical, should consider to reduce a space to take up again rate. Design personnel secures bay in, consider a variety of factors integratedly into the need inside deep stair well, like style, layer tall, ladder paragraph, banking angle, rest position of platform, corner, it is process of design of a space. Because lack three-dimensional CAD, before stair is planar design, the space concerns by the imagination, the circumstance that departed experience or apply mechanically rely on to become a figure in the design is more. The parameter in be being designed as a result of stair is more, and be restricted each other even between all sorts of parameter and affect each other, the problem that creates accordingly is a design the result is not only, a variety of plan can satisfy design requirement.
According to above characteristic, we analysed the primary process that stair designs, basis before design train of thought, summary gives element of among them a few control, use automatic design and the method that artificial interpose photograph combines, realized the intelligent design of stair finally.

Left go upstairs on the right side of go upstairs among on both sides cent
Graph the much program feasibility of 1 stair

2, the characteristic that stair designs
1. Much program feasibility
The stair in the building decorates the stair well in commonly inside, because get of circumjacent room restrict, the standard width of a room in an old-style house of stair well and enter deep relatively fixed. But fall in this kind of circumstance, devising plan is not exclusive however, can design for instance two run stair, also can design 3 run stair. It is likewise two run stair, can arrange hour hand to go upstairs already, can anticlockwise go upstairs, the footfall number that each stair runnings can differ, the position of initiative footfall can move etc, every kinds of plan is feasible.

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