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Pledge about all sorts of material on stair market
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" pledges about all sorts of material on stair market the material with what kind of " suits to do stair character
Now in stair market, the capable person that different businessman chooses differs character, no more than is the mentality that holds a customer, somebody cares the price, somebody cares quality, in nowadays stair course of study, no more than has so a few kinds will do stair. (Oak oak wood spends pear wood of Ju of Mu Shuiqu willow) oak oak wood has the proportion of rate in stair market bigger. We come today the actor defect that one by one compares them.
Oak: Oak originates in Europe, growth period is long, density is big, material is qualitative hard, certain proportion is had in furniture industry, true oak is costlier.
Balata wood: Name of balata wood friend is thought of meaning, the plant that produces balata timber namely, grow in tropics commonly, . Everybody knows, grow in tropics, the plant growth period of temperate zone is briefer, character is not quite strong his defect accepts the change of climate easily namely and be out of shape, in stair market, have many businessmen it as stair footplate, be it so formerly grow cycle is short, low-cost. Manufacturing balata is originally in balata wood, after carrying original balata will naturally density is reduced, through long-term climate carve, be out of shape very easily.
Qu Liu: Pinhole is big, easy be deceived awaits change and change.
Hua Limu: This kind of plant originates in tropics, pinhole is big, density is small, the water in sufferring an environment very easily is divided, of temperature change and change, in stair industry most abstain from there is pinhole in footplate, such looking, very ugly. Do not suit stair to step a class so.
Oak wood: Stair of wood of the oak in stair market has proportion now very big, his density is enough, growth period is long, defect depends on easy craze, when the moisture in the air after stair footplate craze, dirt can enter ligneous interior along original break, time grew to pour life to decrease to stair short. Real oak wood is used at exit, cost is very high if doing stair.
Ju wood: Ju wood grows in Europe, be in temperate zone frigid zone between, grow cycle is long, density is big, pinhole is small the stair footplate that does does not have a section cling to, the product that adding superior paint to make is beautiful and easy, and won't be out of shape because of the change of climate. Ju wood decorative pattern is downy, can press the client's demand, custom-built and different color. Ju wood is considered as the capable person that suits to make stair mark time most to pledge, its hardness moderate, can assure long and changeless form already, have first-rate crural feeling again, it is material of ideal stair footfall
What we talk is very much, talked about all sorts of material character. Stair is whole and indoor the one part that decorate, choose what kind of material to do stair, must with whole decorate harmonious and consistent, can feel otherwise nondescript, floriferous money and the effect of short of ideal.
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