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Stair material chooses to have tricks of the trade
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The common does stair to use real wood on the market has character: Oak wood, balata wood, northeast china ash, ju wood, hua Limu.

A. Oak wood: Quality of a material hard, taller than great, intensity, structure is thick. Be able to bear or endure caustic of wet, wear-resisting, not easy cementation, chromatic performance is good, grain is coarser, tubal afterbirth is thicker, wooden ray is apparent, not easy and dry, can make wooden floor or furniture commonly

At present of home market classy wood of old way oak is imported basically from Russia, because oak wood decorative pattern is similar American oak, the raw material exit that this part raw material is regarded as a floor basically went to the United States, accordingly, the oak timber that home produces because way is small, off color is big and not stable, by make it compositive material, the oak wood that can say to do compositive capable person at present basically is material qualitative the poorest, the footfall of common oak wood stair on the market is basic it is oak wood collect becomes a useful person.

The place on put together is narrated, oak wood performance is good, because material is qualitative nigrescent, class is couldn't get from beginning to end approbate, so, some manufacturers still can be made a few blanch, plus afore-mentioned reasons, oak wood is done not have in home by as high-grade lumber.

B. Northeast china ash: Circumstance and oak wood similar, make it collect becomes a useful person basic also be poorer material,

C. Ju wood: Basic it is European entrance, ju wood also is hardwood, in grain exquisite, stability is tall, show nobility unexpectedly, accordingly, wood of before a few years of Ju is too popular, bring about decorate a style machine-made, ju wood price is very high, appear even domestic home is the circumstance that Ju wood decorates, so, nearly two years, ju wood serves as decorate advocate material already by black Hu Tao, american oak is replaced, but because Ju wood is exquisite, material stabilizes high characteristic character, often still be used at decorating fit capable person to use, stair is. Current, in the commonly used stair material on the market, ju wood stair is all wool and a yard wide, because since import, everybody won't spend high price to import rubbish.

Accordingly, will tell with respect to the price, ju wood is best of course the most expensive also, northeast china ash next, oak wood some cheaper, balata wood is the poorest the cheapest.

D. American oak cent is white oak and red oak, oak woodiness is heavy and hard, strength is great.

E. Balata wood is family tree plants the root of Beijing euphorbia, it is the raw material of production balata, its woodiness is more loose, do not be able to bear or endure corrupt, after the cut down below natural condition falls corrode metamorphism extremely easily, the past makes firewood charcoal only or pulp material is used.

Balata wood and oak are not the lumber of a class, in commodity introduction and advertisement, cannot " balata wood " call " oak " . Market admiral " balata wood " abbreviation " oak " the action that is consumer of a kind of misdirect.
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