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How the real wood stair with good choose and buy, expert of renown fir stair is
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How the real wood stair with good choose and buy, expert of renown fir stair explains for you! The font that browse: Big in small 1, choose stair with factitious this: Want him foundation above all domestic population and age structure, safe, comfortable, practical consider as the first element with the style that reflects personality, a bit older host especially the 3 Dai Tongtang, families that have old person and children, ought to choose traditional real wood stair. Real wood stair and other material differ character, as natural as person contact feeling, kind, safe, comfortable. Can saying to use real wood stairs is the choice of great majority family, specific how? The A, old person that if for years in the home,grows or walk not quite convenient personage, had better choose ladder gradient lesser, footfall higher primary school some, double armrest stair or the armrest that hang a wall, do not want covet to be installed simple and easily temporarily. B, if there are 10 years old of the following children in the home, the span with pillar and pillar bit righter place wants a little bit small or choose 2 situations 3 pillar, assure a child won't easily from climb between pillar, ladder radian is lesser, form is registered outside pillar blame, it is half ladder at least. C, if a few generation in the home are the same as hall, person source flow is larger, should pay attention to wooden stair particularly its get heavy ability, do not pay attention to appearance only luxuriant. D, if be youth or successful personage, seek traditional household form and condition blindly no longer, emphasize diversity of vogue, tide, follow one's inclinations, design instead, but much from design modelling, colour and lustre, space, safe, installation practical and handy proceed with. Can choose some rotate type stair takes up the space is small, large air wood stair or simple and easy ladder, show an individual adequately flourishingly spark and times spirit. 2, the residence is relatively capacious, outfit of the others home decorates tonal style more apparent, had better use real wood stairs, wood is planted choose some of rare wood to plant, the material such as as red as red the pride of China, rosewood, North America oak, Long Fengtan, Burmese teak, Shabili pledges the real wood with bigger, solidder quality of a material comes to density treatment stair, these lumber make the stair wear well that make, time is put to grow more in stair home, what show a natural lumber more is precious and decorous, prolonged cover is new. 3, the ground in the home is a floor or light tile is decorated, choose real wood stair, easy the nature in adding the home is decorous style. 4, it is bridal chamber has not been decorated, can go after according to individual grade (successful personage, wisdom person, personalized personage) reach situation of dimensional size, family, age, choose real wood stair and corresponding modelling, size, material to plant, other of facilitating bridal chamber decorates the configuration of stock, show individual glamour and personalized pursuit. 5, choose real wood stair 3 big not covet: A, not covet is cheap: Wooden stair the unity that it is art, furniture, building materials, want to get used to demand of the person's space, be fond of, economy, it makes a product to order more, unlikely that complete batch is produced, it is the union of handiwork and modern production, have bigger artificial technology cost, if you are bought wooden stairs or it is too cheap to decorate company stair to quote, then you are about much portion heart: Some people let decorate a company to look for the cheapest woodiness stair, the result is bought from plant of a few small mill even stoving also impracticable is ligneous, field assembly spot brushs paint, had done not have how long wood to crack, qi Ye was taken off, regretted to also have not enough time to in those days. B, not covet save trouble: The installation of wood and wood, wood and metal wants accurate and firm word, its are sure have more complex installation process, if for too facilitating installation, every link added too much metal, or point of link of steel timber structure is too simple, begin to feel very firm, but bilge because of the heat of steel and wood cold shrink different, suffer cankerous chemical physics pattern to also differ, along with time elapse, defend troublesome meeting more. 6, the valuation means of real wood stair: There is kind of 3 kinds of commonly used valuations on the market at present. The first kind is to press a valuation, namely less than of footfall of 14-15 of a ladder is an of rate, no matter be charge of how many footfall,be fixed. The 2nd kind is to press footfall valuation, namely each footfall is an of rate, include pillar, armrest, step plate to wait. The 3rd kind is according to component valuation, namely component of stair of avery kind of has firm price, the basis needs the number of all sorts of components actually, valuation.
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