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Stair choose and buy: Pay attention to a bedroom to coordinate action to pursue
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As the change of living standard of the diversity of residential breed and people, room of of all kinds double entry be increasing. In house of double entry room, stair is one of the markeddest building constructions undoubtedly, also be one of keys that whole bedroom designs, because of this choose and buy appear suitably particularly important. The personage inside course of study reminds, when choosing stair not only should consider its to use a function, should pay attention to it to decorate medium harmonious action in whole bedroom more. The Shenzhen Mu Yuanshang that graceful, grace is just as the demon that waves in the home to be located in Shenzhen dragon hillock tastes limited company high-grade in make family expenses, business is having very masterly technology and rich experience with combined-type stair respect, at the same time it has many senior stylist, in Ju Jialou ladder designs a respect to having distinctive train of thought. Arrive to let more person choose and buys gratified flexibly stair, the reporter interviewed Mu Yuanshang to taste Zhou Moyuan of stair general manager recently, his stair compose according to nowadays popularity, introduce the method of stair of a few choices for everybody: Zhou Moyuan introduces, stair is the tool of perpendicular traffic, what leave a floor to go up is convenient, comfortable and illuminative aesthetic feeling, the gradient of stair is too steep, walk with respect to meeting inconvenience, want to ascend the stairs easily, with respect to need certain space gives stair an outspread room. In dimensional size and layer the circumstance with expensive abundant measure falls, the choice is what kind of line stair is unchallenged, but if these two conditions are restricted, must consider carefully, be opposite for instance for narrow space, screw type compares well-advised choice namely. Why is the choice planted so line stair, the likelihood does not come from your initial subjective requirement, dimensional capacity is a when must consider main factor. When stair of choose and buy, key from the following two respects regard: Be in more in the stereo combination that human nature transforms, stair also can have dance lightly. Dimensional angle considers, the space decides stair form. 1. Screw type: Differ according to angle and differ, staircase of 180 ° spiral is the modelling of a kind of truly can economic space. Expressional advantage: The expressional force that circle and goes up is powerful, take up the space is little, it is to suit small family quite model stair. 2. Broken line: Fold bending stair great majority to appear in stair to export, appear likely also in the entrance of stair. Expressional advantage: Model is good, managing field, be in suiting quite door model stair. 3. Curve form: Will realize the join of fluctuation building with a curve, beautiful and easy, walk rise without vertical ladder corner the sort of curt feeling. Expressional advantage: Beautiful and easy, walk comfortable, it is to suit large family quite model, the stair of place of hotel, meeting. Contracted midstream shows colorful breath to consider from stair style, the style decides the design of stair. 1. Contracted type: The stair of contracted type uses stainless steel line and vitreous combination commonly. Expressional advantage: Concise and convenient do, permanent be able to bear or endure look, behave gimmick nicety. 2. Ou Shi: Ou Shi's stair uses Tie Yi and real wood to behave commonly. Expressional advantage: Luxurious air 3. Type of Chinese and Western: Europe type and Chinese style union become beautiful pattern, be united in wedlock with stainless steel and real wood commonly. Expressional advantage: Chic, give a person a kind of brand-new sense. 4. Tang Shi: Tang Shilou ladder uses stainless steel, real wood to combine the form of beautiful case to appear commonly. Expressional advantage: Give a person a kind of sense restoring ancient ways. Editor language: A good stair, it is domestic soul, bring the aesthetic feeling of sweet, easy, luxurious, air to the home, the person innovation that also lives to go after individual character gives remittent aesthetic feeling. Small make up provide place of choose and buy of a few stair for you here, choose reference for you. Address of lake of Shenzhen sweet honey: Side century center lives in the Eden on water of road of lake of Shenzhen city sweet honey on the west square A133 phone: 0755-82022987 Shenzhen rich is able to bear or endure address: Deep south highway the window of 9039 worlds side gain is able to bear or endure on the west phone of household square B1030-1031: 0755-86101392
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