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How does real wood stair undertake conserve daily?
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Of real wood stair nursing is very important, often mix nurse in time can let you enjoy real wood all one's life, the method that nurse actually very simple.
Want to understand real wood stair maintains, should make clear real wood stair above all a few big main component: Baluster of step plate, armrest, pillar, prop up, mudsill
1, wooden stairs is moistureproof: Wooden stairs easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, ligneous component is changeful form, craze, take off lacquer, so daily cleanness must not be swabbed with a large number of water, spray with cleaner commonly in its the surface is swabbed with soft cloth next, what assure stair thereby is dry.
2, step plate, armrest prevents damage: The step plate, armrest position that often contacts with the person is relatively other component part is easy wear away, appear after use period of time to avoid ligneous step plate local wear away badly, because this should go up regularly,special candle or floor wax undertake defending.
3, prevent bug eat by moth: Wood gives birth to bug easily, when installing stair so, can scatter on cement footfall beforehand a few insect-resistant agent, in case future trouble.
4, constant examination: Often should check each part at ordinary times whether join place becomes loose or by corrode of bug eat by moth, because the member that metal or other material pledge is added to be met in wooden stairs,bilge as the constant change of temperature and humidity, heat cold shrink, make each component is in producing slight physical change, cause dent, wear away, the descent of bug eat by moth or fungus and damage, these are OK by professional rehabilitate.
5, Chang Qingjie: Cleanness can create a favorable environment for wooden stairs, but as soon as possible discovers a problem, reduce bug, fungus cause, prolong stair life.
The stand or fall of wooden stairs safety, wear-resisting, anticorrosive, quality, craft is admittedly special and important, but the early days appropriate that knows wooden stairs maintains, the habit that forms constant examination, Chang Qingjie also is extremely cannot little.

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