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The style of stair and material
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Stair stuff is good annul, because villatic, couplet body villa, double entry becomes independent to leap the building of layer and wrong layer in building city,be much rise, these houses need to do stair in decorate. The adornment of stair needs stair board, armrest and post. Material has wood, ironwork (have forge is hit and cast-iron two kinds) , marble, glass and stainless steel. Wood stair this is the market has a rate is the oldest kind. The main reason that consumer likes is lumber itself has warm feeling, together with and ground plank pledge and colour matchs easily, construction is opposite more convenient also. Choice wood becomes the customer of stair, the to stair floor dimension configuration when wanting to notice to choosing a floor board, at present the dimension of the floor on the market grows with 90 centimeters, 10 centimeters wide for most, but stair floor can match 15 centimeters 120 centimeters long, wide floor, such one case stair want two only enough, but little a juncture, easy also construction and maintain. To the choice of post and armrest, should accomplish lumber and design as far as possible suit. Ironwork stair the compound stair that this is wood and ironwork actually. Some stair armrest and protecting column is ironwork, and stair board still is wood; Also have a plenty of protect column to be ironwork, armrest is mixed stair board uses wood. This kind of stair, the client of the choice is not little also, come compared with pure wood stair, this kind of stair appears much a lively interest. Now, the room of decorative pattern choice that stair protects the forge in column to hit is bigger, have pillar, also have the pattern that of all kinds decorative pattern constitutes; Colour has archaize, also have what appear with the instinctive quality of copper and iron. Armrest of this kind of stair is degree of body is custom-built, treatment is sophisticated, the price is higher. Cast-iron stair is opposite for style is a bit less, average firm has the pattern that solid creates surely, the client can choose from which. Colour can ask to machine according to the client. Hit stair compared with forge, cast-iron stair appears appreciably is sedate. It is a bit cheaper that price of this kind of stair wants than what forge hits. Marble stair selects the client of this kind of stair, already was in commonly layer laid marble, to maintain the oneness of indoor colour and material, continue with marble laid stair. But withhold wood mostly on the choice of armrest, make inside frosty space, increase material of a bit warm color. Price of this kind of illuminative basically sees marble costly. Vitreous stair this is the closest new design, suit modernist school kid quite. Glass is used mostly grind arenaceous, completely not transparent, ply is in 10mm above. This kind of stair also becomes rider with wood. The price is a bit lower than importing marble. Stainless steel stair this is few number " additional kind " the material of the choice, the exterior spray in material inferior smooth dye, do not have glisten feeling. Material of this kind of stair and treatment cost are higher. Except, return useful steel wire, rope made of hemp to wait for those who do stair to protect column, match load goods floor and armrest, look a feeling pretty good also. This kind already trendy, return to natural adornment a bit again, the price is low, also the choice with modern can yet be regarded as. Stair is whole and indoor the one part that decorate, choose what kind of material to do stair, must with whole decorate harmonious and consistent, can feel otherwise nondescript, floriferous money and the effect of short of ideal.
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