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Stair family decorates the place that cannot ignore
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Stair regards the lower on join as the passageway, also should be the family decorates the place that cannot ignore (data picture)

The stair in some bedrooms is in the center of the room, although not be in a center, stair regards the lower on join as the passageway, also should be the family decorates the place that cannot ignore.

Material is different style each different  

Common stair decorates be wooden pedal and wood or Tie Yi commonly to help column up, cast iron or cast-iron use result from archaic Europe country, because this perhaps suits a family to decorate the household environment of style of the type that it is Europe more, but we can see, in a lot of other peoples, no matter be to putting Chinese style classic furniture, the bedroom of contemporary still and concise clique designs a style, entirely helps column up to decorate stair with Tie Yi, this violated interior design to want to coordinate unified principle.

Still can have a lot of with the material that will decorate stair actually, wait like material of rolled steel, stone, glass, rope, cloth art, carpet. these data appropriate combination is used, match with photograph of whole bedroom color, regular meeting has very good effect.

Lumber: The application in the adornment in stair is relatively wide, the wooden floor board that sells on the market can take direct shop to pretend pedal, armrest also can choose corresponding timber to do. The characteristic of lumber is nature, downy, warm, average household chooses lumber.

Rolled steel: Relatively much in the home of a few relatively contemporary youths, artistic personage see, the Leng Jun that it shows and its material pledge the colour and lustre of itself has contemporary feeling extremely.

Glass: Itself place provides some connecting to feel fully using when doing stair to decorate, the effect is more uncommon. Have spraying decoration in the market now glass and enchase glass, can use it in banister place, more excellent usage is stair step make it hollow, tube is embedded inside, do pedal with special type glass, the stair that make it can give off light.

Stair wants careful consideration with material

While according to the bedroom the style chooses adornment and the material that build stair, a bit still need to take seriously, that should consider to whether there are old person and child in the family namely. Usually, have the family of old person and child, had better avoid to use steel to pledge with Tie Yi, stair step also is not done too high, stair armrest is best form of make it circular arc, do not have too sharp edge. Stair footplate can choose wooden floor and shop carpet.

Of stair of small area bedroom transform

In the room with lesser living space, stair appears depress and heavy, a few stylist inside course of study very advocate use structure to behave a law to conceive, it is certain that main show is its characteristic to have stair footfall make it have stair footfall make it appear a gender, will reduce a space oppressive feeling, achieve the perfect union of dimensional structure thereby.
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