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How is stainless steel pillar installed, need to notice those detail
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Processing of installation, basic level should accord with following regulation: ⑴ buries a design elevation, position, amount to must accord with design and installation requirement beforehand, and via anticorrosive and antirust processing. Bury not agree with when the requirement, answer to take effective measures in time, supplementary bury. ⑵ installs the place of stair baluster pillar, basic level concrete must not have crisp loose appearance, and installation elevation should accord with design requirement, uneven place must eliminate or repair level off, too sunken place and side of hemp of basic level beehive are in badly, must not use cement mortar to repair, concrete of applied excel in undertakes repairing, wait for after having particular strength, fangke undertakes baluster is installed. 2, play a baluster pillar correctly to install span position and central line by design and installation requirement. 3, installation of baluster of stainless steel stair, armrest operates a point: Installation of ⑴ baluster pillar should reach construction the line in a carpenter's ink marker by the requirement from start place up undertake orderly. Stair starts two upright pillar should install place platform first, installation cent solders to secure two kinds of methods with bolt. Solder when construction, its welding rod should pledge with ability of mother capable person identical, when installation will pillar and bury a spot welding to be secured temporarily, perpendicular and classics elevation, corrective hind, apply weld to originally. When using bolt to join, the eyelet on pillar bottom plate should machine lumbar circle aperture, with expanding fully bolt position nots agree with, little shift can be made rectify when installation. When construction, installing place of pillar basic level, infiltrate with electric drill bore expand after bolt, join pillar is made a bit fixed, when installation elevation has an error, with the metal thin spacer is adjusted, tighten screw cap via the solid after perpendicular, elevation is corrective. After installation of two upright pillar ends, pull a line to install the others pillar with same method. Pillar is installed must firm, must not become loose. Pillar solders and bolt join place, outside dividing stainless steel, after installation is over, all should undertake anticorrosive and antirust processing, and must not appear, answer to install adornment cover or lid in root ministry. ⑵ is set match organic glass, glass to wait for column board, its column board should install after pillar is finished. Install must firm, and perpendicular, level and rake should accord with design requirement. When installation, will column board sets the groove that establishs lever at two side inside, groove and column board two side aperture applies ebonite piece embed fill firm, after waiting for armrest installation to end, embed with fluid sealant solid. Armrest solders when installation, column board applies cloth of fire prevention asbestine to wait for cover to defend, lest flower of solder start to fight splatters,damage column board. ⑶ stair armrest is installed, use commonly solder installation (special dimension except) . The material of use welding rod is qualitative should as identical as mother capable person. Armrest installs order to answer from start bend begins, straight elbow is received after. Armrest interface is covered by requirement angle cut correct, make the same score with metallic file file, lest cover,cut not accurate, cause elbow bends and install difficulty. When installation, secure start bend and baluster pillar spot welding first, wait for an examination to not have by accident hind apply weld to originally. After bend installation ends, straight elbow two end and two upright pillar temporarily spot welding is fixed, the head of classics of one aspect of the matter of will straight elbow is right at the same time receive and spot welding is fixed, armrest interface place should stay 2-3mm solder to accept crack, pull a line to make armrest and every pillar spot welding secure next, after waiting for an examination to accord with a requirement, by solder requirement, use interface and armrest and pillar one by one weld to originally. When soldering (especially wintry period construction) , should have mastered solder electric current, voltage and solder temperature, in case too big or electric current is too small reach voltage flabby, the influence solders quality and beautiful. Solder the standard that quality should accord with concerned regulation, welding line width, depth should agree, the surface should submit scale form, armrest connect welding line should close, welding line should not have apparent feel deviation. The metallic armrest with longer ⑷ (especially the armrest outdoor) after installation, installation of Lv of its connect take an examination can get used to temperature to change and adjustable movable type interface, the adjustable quantity of movable type connect, when having a requirement like the design, consider 20mm commonly. The armrest outdoor still should be in but adjustable place considers to install slack aperture. The join of face of armrest root ministry and concrete, brick wall, also should use stretch to secure a method commonly, lest because of adjustable make of armrest bend be out of shape. Armrest and ministry of metope join root should install adornment to overspread a lid.
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