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"Layer building is tall 100 feet, arrive most above, unlock horizon, see cloud drift of my jade base continuously, spring scenery of bright and beautiful river. The past jumps over chiliad, it is true talent, have mind oneself, which are in charge of him Confucianism official spy pen, poetic history inscribes chant. Poetic history inscribes chant..

You consider in case unlock horizon, look at spring scenery of bright and beautiful river, see jade base cloud drift completely; Or shows a bosom to show a bosom, exhibit ability deflate, get above all most above. Less than most above, visit skyline region hard, less than most above, also hard brandish asperses true disposition. And layer building is tall 100 feet, think of most above, have to pass that above all step by step scaling ladder, layer upon layer involve aid.

Thousands of words, say secret of endless scaling ladder; Two paces 3 ladder, conceivable its god is cheesy. Thoughout the history, stair already did not know a course to more or less change, how many ups and downs. From at the outset the first intention " desire eye of poor a thousand li, further upward " , to nowadays " close double key point, set foot on the scaling ladder of dimly discernible, the life that has gone like Nameng " , can infer, stair already was stair not just, on its body, already placing the mankind's boundless rare ala and endless be charmed. Arrive when nowadays, it already was not real step, and make a kind of life accumulate, a kind of culture. Stair is in surmount a tool while, contact cheek by jowl with the person again, cannot depart.
Reason this, the group is designed in international, stair already was regarded as a kind of very important household culture, from this ecbolic professional stair stylist, modern production technology and equipment, and outstanding brand.

Stair is the indispensable household establishment in house of the villa, TOWNHOUSE, house that jump a layer. The choice of stair is become from security, comfortable sex, practical with artistic quality 4 respects proceed with, be in qualitative to the design of stair, material, modelling, style, price and all round while a variety of elements such as the harmony of dimensional environment have integrated consideration, should inspect its artistic quality particularly. Want to know, choose an ideal stair, it is a grand opera in outfit. It is not a working procedure or it is a decoration, it is a kind of concept, a kind of thought.

Stair chooses add up to improper immediate impact excellent outfit effect, grade and figure. Can say to choose stair to have knowledge greatly. In European country, average household values the option of stair very, pledge from material character is paid attention to quite to the style again. According to traditional idea, european those who think stair is to show master position and dignity is indicative, also be the incorporate that reveals master individual character and life grade. They think stair is different from other furniture and adornment same, want to change change, while stair is considering safety and comfortable sex, consider its art grade even. Stair has been designed, accompany with it every day, remittent sureness, the achievement that the life savors while what enjoy art for a long time is beautiful feels.
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