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4 kinds of weapons of stair of choose and buy
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Is stair furniture or building materials after all? Important do not depend on appellation, and depend on you how look upon, from stair such household detail finds the sense that has deep love for the life, life that enjoy love, just be your need. Choose shape form: The space decides to design you to often can see run continuously type, arc ladder and the stair that have platform appear in villa, in other words, they need to compare large space; If your residence is common double entry structure, so choose fold run type or spiral shape like a staircase became good, the smallest snail winding stair takes up your diameter is 1.2 meters space only, really economic and excellent. Fix the price: Suit oneself to select the price fortunately previously, let us understand first at present the market goes upstairs the algorithm of ladder price. Differ with common furniture, the price of stair has now the following 3 kinds of algorithm: 1 because domestic goods house, villatic norms is basic and at present identical,press a valuation, namely the layer of double entry structure is tall (a ground arrives the height of 2 grounds) be in commonly 2.7 ~ 3 meters between, villa is in 2.8 ~ 3.2 between, so stair manufacturer has designed fixed stair by this norms, it presses quote of stair of a complete set of, if the client has special requirement or change, OK and corresponding ground undertakes adjustment. 2 press sheet valuation this is the way with foreign stair more popular manufacturer, press stair namely all component quote, quote is very meticulous, include general column, large post, columella, baluster, armrest, footplate, stand board, remaining part of post, post, even small even to expand screw is alone valuation. In home, this kind of practice is less. 3 press footfall valuation this is country's at present commonnest practice, be about to the price of stair arrives on average in each footfall, your stair has a few mark time, so final total is footfall unit price by count with footfall. After understanding stair to quote, we can see, the price of stair is having immediate concern with footfall number actually, your space is larger, footfall number is more, nature of so total value increased. When footfall number is certain, the issue that you need to consider is material, common now material is timber structure of glass of complete woodiness, part and complete steel, steel. The stair price lowest of whole steel structure, complete woodiness stair is the most expensive, the price of vitreous stair is decided because of glassy quantity, price change is bigger. Anyhow, the class of stair price is very much now, from thousands of yuan the stair to ten yuan can be bought, different stair is aimed at different consumptive group, what you want to choose to suit his only is good. Height of 1 step plate goes to 23 centimeters in 16 centimeters commonly between. Outside the 2 crawl besides upend, the crawl of stair is OK also the level is arranged. The central distance of two 3 crawl is not more than 12.5 centimeters, otherwise the child's head is extended easily, create risk. The stair with 4 fine installation did not damage metope. The 2 5 mouth that receive a hole is square. The stair with 6 good quality every footfall bearings can achieve 400 kilograms.
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