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Climb slope: The span road of agency company
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Old horse of 42 years old returns the home tired outly in, go today the hotel should not return money again. "50 press inside the hotel more, lunar base should open salary, even replenish onr's stock, tear open exchange feature again from which. Liquor hotel presses Zhang, beer does not have profit, compensatory new product, good product of it doesn't matter can be done, bored, still did not think " . Old horse already not merely such " persuade " oneself. Do poineering work from 3 people now 30 many people, the old horse goes all the way, although had had hardships, but do not have however today such confused. He feels, oneself are just like the half slope in a hill now, be intent on personal advancement is very arduous, it is very easy to slip downward.

With the old horse, a lot of agency have such " half slope " predicament, for instance sale is broken through hard, interior management posse is confused. So the agency company meeting backwater that once developed at full speed not before? Be in personally " half slope " how should agency come true to span newly again?

Analytic " half slope phenomenon "

In poineering initial stage, most agency is in a scratch line, also can say to be in " slope bottom " , and " start of a race " later, appeared to split up, one part agency was swung to be from the back, one fraction runs in front row. Arrived " half slope " , run in front row " elite people " competition is more intense, compare the rate that those who go all out is not start of a race right now, however comprehensive strength. At that time if some respect appears short board, with respect to the development that can restrict agency, encounter thereby " half slope " predicament. Specific for, be in personally " half slope " distribute chamber of commerce encounters 3 predicament.

One, advocate sell a product to drive capacity abate. A lot of agency are accompanying a brand grow and grow, because the vigor of this one brand is mixed,tension also decided the development rate of agency. The vigor of some brand itself and tension are finite, develop acme, the height with also can get on agency belt certain only. This also is a lot of agency are below a certain specific market environment, caught an opportunity brand, can rapid arisen, but arrived a phase, the business is met as this brand slide and suffer a disastrous decline. Great a long time is awaited, brand of this kind of opportunity belongs to brand of section second line, because if city of Mao Wujian, Lu is old,lack national brand,the brand pulling force with powerful wine of cellar, man is mixed area is strong the advantage of ground predestined relationship of the brand, brand of this kind of opportunity is destined is to should work as a guerrilla of battle, because this is right,the action of agency also is only " take a paragraph of run " , and make these opportunity brands give priority to the agency that sells a brand, sure meeting is fluctuant as the wave motion of opportunity brand, experience " half slope " predicament.
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