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Be careful, your sale cadre is changing empty
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The author notes: This is the writings that a real to sale problem thinks and studies, the place in article lifts example to all be a fact and all experience personally for the author, the deepness that studies an issue probably is far insufficient, the countermeasure that makes probably also will surely not solve all and real problem, but if can think to bosses or inspire, cause took seriously, the author's purpose was achieved.

We often can see such setting possibly, in assembly room, trustee bureau member, chief inspector, senior manager people assemble in, show state power, stimulate raise character, the PPT that everybody is facing high-tech is umbriferous (for more vivid change, the likelihood exhausted the function with only PPT) , prate " sale strategy " , " × of × month × plans " , " the N that promotes employee performance is planted general plan " , " the N that reachs monthly to sell an end is planted method " Yun Yun, vertical stroke of passionate crosscurrent, saliva flies, wonderful and clinking, group director bureau does not lead place head to approbate, applause is ceaseless. Think to there is the sale cadre that has an idea so on the market formerly, sales volume is firm certainly in have litre, but final result is the market as before " half-dead " . Does the problem go be in?

The problem depends on, we may see the idea of the problem only. Those gets • De Luke to had said a classical word: "The more the factory of dynamic is put in the problem the more. " dynamic is to be in certainly what to conceal (this are similar to the sound of that one party that when quarrelling, did not manage a bit more square than rational instead big) , identify true investigation through us, the form of a root that we discovered problem of a lot of industries is in (be not final verdict, it is level sex inference only) , that is: Our sale cadre is changing empty.

"Action employing theory " sale cadre

Have a chief inspector friend to my complaint, his following contacts a district general manager, often be machine of or hand mechanism, nobody receives or telephone call. But attend a meeting every time this manager Yours Excellency to be able to be made very " shapeliness " working summary and report come, can obtain everybody to acclaim consistently even. According to that one judgement that he says, his responsible area should be very successful ability be, but surprising is, this area sells outstanding achievement often goodish, careless.

The course compares thorough investigation later, discover both neither of weekday of this manager adult saunters in the market, be absent again the carry in the office prepares, anyway day is not to see a trace, in the evening now and then come to the office before last net, day-to-day management basically passes a telephone call " remote control " . His at hand has the concoctive personnel with wonderful strength of a character, although the name is a plan, basically be in charge of this manager adult however " report a file " . In his responsible area, complaints are heard everywhere, employee is basic and recumbent oneself responsibility heart is making a sale, support is couldn't get already in the process, also cannot get a care, do not have even fundamental working direction even, more do not talk to groom and promote.
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