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To sale investment wants beneficial result
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The challenge that company sale faces has: Masses advertising effect is reduced ceaselessly, the general increase sharply of media and sale channel amount, the people fall to advertisement degree of belief, consumer of one mind is multi-purpose, and the media time that digital technology makes people abler to control his. These trends also make at the same time sale suffers numerous become more dispersive with sale channel. To sale person for, danger is being planted at this reduce the traditional method that transmits information to consumer through TV ad to major general dispersedly, and worst result is, waste time and money for nothing. Then, be thwarted mood is among sale personnel spread, and reach unanimous opinion hard to how should be being done next. A few people appeal to assemble a model at sale, apply complex econometrics method to distinguish the distinct effect that sale constitutes pair of outstanding achievement, . But the prospective redound that the historical data that these methodological place use makes is forecasted not certain and reliable.

Tend in in dispersive sale environment, sale person the sale plan with more rigorous need, the thinking means that abandons to come down from follow of advertisement golden age and behavior, count sale no longer " defray " , regard a kind of real investment as sale however. In other words, the investment redound that must increase sale (ROI) . Use and other function branch treats the principle with same investment, presiding sale official can make sale target and financial goal keep consistent better, make full use of brand most distinctive element and gain greater success, well and truly lock decides consumer and media channel in order to arise the biggest the fastest redound, more careful ground controls a venture, and track sale redound closely. In a word, presiding sale official can be passed careful and what manage investment to sale systematically is basic principle, meet an all sorts of complex challenges that face.

Investment redound difficult problem results from on century 6, seventies period of masses advertising gold. The sale at that time person a variety of rule that make are up-to-date still affecting a lot of sale investment or sale defray deeply. When TV unify the whole country, sale person be in the look centrally with ground of ad firm of course those who watch the most welcome program is giant suffer numerous group. But the attention that the other media sale beyond TV plans to obtain is not much. The sale of golden age person often rely on the method such as tertian memory investigation to dog advertisement, have findings and in-house level comparative, will evaluate advertising effect with this. Later, people just discovers memory is not the optimal level that measures originality effect, then, a few lead companies made trivaller and complex test system, if suffer numerous answer a system (ARS) , this is one kind is compared with competitor photograph certainly, the method of new information conviction. In the meantime, more accurate enclothe rate and frequency to evaluate a method to also make media defray decision-making be able to make below the circumstance that masters more information.
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