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The product locates most the 4 element of crux
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Product fixed position is the fundamental premise that the enterprise begins market sale to work, want to realize successful product to locate, product of competitor of necessary the excellent place that has held itself of comprehensive mining product, thorough knowledge studies consumer is right clear fixed position, adequately the conduct propaganda that the value of the product is gone after and strengthens fixed position energetically communicates the job these 4 the most crucial essential factor.

Think commonly, the market fixed position of the product is to show according to competitor existing product is on fractionize market the heavy visual range of certain to the product property spends located position and client, the bright individual character that portrays a this company product extraordinary or figure transfer cause client, make this product occupies strong competitive position on fractionize market. It is however in sale practice, have numerous company however when undertaking product market locates, fail accurate the main essential factor that holds fixed position, did not master the real intention of fixed position, violated the principle of fixed position, appeared the error that a few products locate. In the error that the article basically locates from these company products, 4 when the analysis wants to realize successful product fixed position to must be had the most crucial essential factor.

From the common error that the product that numerous scholar analyses locates, the product fixed position that we can sum up a success should have the following 4 main essential factor:

One, the excellent point that digs product itself in the round

Numerous sale expert and scholar stress the market fixed position of the product again and again, not be to want to do what business to the product, is pair of products only a logical place fixes in the brain of potential customer of future, did not come to product fixed position in you namely in the memory of potential customer. Fixed position can regard the experiment of a kind of creativity of pair of existing products as. The basic principle of fixed position is not to go to those who create some kind of novelty or the thing of extraordinary, go operating however in people heart originally idea, go opening the tie that associate, the purpose is to should be in client memory, hold favorable position. Only its are such, just can win favorable competitive place in the market. Accordingly, the fixed position of the product, fundamental job wants all sorts of property of product of comprehensive and thorough research namely, with period the hits the heart continuously fixed position point that digs disinter to be able to let person eye shine from inside numerous attribute.

To the research of product attribute, the method is very much, what go to the lavatory the simpliest is attribute ranges a way. It is a product place the attribute that thinks of likely is arranged one by one come out, undertake to each attribute transverse with fore-and-aft analysis. Fore-and-aft analysis describes the specific connotation that gives property of product avery kind of and performance objectively namely, transverse analysis combines the akin attribute of main competitor product to undertake comparative namely, the actor of low quality that the same property photograph that evaluates attribute of avery kind of and competitor product compares, the important level of actor bad is whether dash forward the particularity that shows a product. Be based on transverse analyse with fore-and-aft attribute, arrange a product property that can choose.
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