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Home appliance enterprise opens digital sale entrance door
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Course of study of Chinese home appliance is worn in experience the product is coessential change while, its sale mode also is going coessential the way that change. How to monarch additionally on the sale why diameter, walk out of the way that has the management of own characteristic, it is every enterprise is seeking the place that accomplishs very hard however.

After experiencing big fight of advertisement, public relations, channel, price, concept, in succession home appliance enterprise opened digital sale this gate. Win day Gang Deng Chaoming to pass long-term observation, and combinative oneself is engineered in the sale of industry of home appliance, small home appliance and seek advice from experience, did in the expression of digital sale respect to home appliance enterprise comb simply, will roll out relevant actual combat summary and sale term day continuously annals.

Digital sale is in the be born of home appliance course of study

Hold through long-term observation and fact of sale of home appliance estate, at present the digital sale strategy in be born of home appliance course of study and method basically include advertisement of transmission of network activity, network news, network to put in, sale of guest of rich of transmission of network community public praise, network, electron issues content, license business affairs of promotion of website of be on sale of incident of mail sale, network, government, electron, .

With network news transmission is exemple, divide TV ad piece outside the promotion method such as sheet of as flexible as plane language, DM, placard, Yi Labao, the news sale that community of media of network of have the aid of, network and rich guest launch already was common occurance, and becoming a few dimensions to compare company of old advance guard home appliance the strategy of first consideration, this basically is the technical advantage around a few products makes notional sale, for instance of television manufacturer " quanta core " , " times doubler element " concept, of air conditioning manufacturer " anion " , " smooth accelerant " concept, of freezer manufacturer " accept rice " , " vitamin " concept, of enterprise of small home appliance " CF carbon fiber " the concept, these concepts are a few new products mostly after the technology is born, abstract the incisive term that give, benefit is bought at persuading customer.

When at present home appliance enterprise is using digital sale, greatly apt puts in good advertisement on big integrated portal website, good advertisement or is simple advertisement explanation, some is network activity, mostly the force that the enterprise hopes to be able to rely on a portal comes absorbing gas, can make the participation with very good consumer interactive promote a brand consequence, the meeting in the activity uses a few award and award to come incentive participator. A few lines leave the public relations activity that develop or thematic sale activity, also can show on the network at the same time, include the sales promotion activity of a few terminal, home appliance enterprise also can send many sales promotion message, some can roll out special subject of special sales promotion activity, reveal the sales promotion information of the product not only, at the same time a few more embedded shopping experience is shared, photograph or video upload share, log compose is shared, the interactive activity of the type such as guess having reward, will draw the attention of the user, deepen those who see these sales promotion activities to get numerous impression.
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