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Does the city that save a building save the stock market to you can help manufac
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At present saves the sound of city to putting aside domestic as one falls to ring, so called nevertheless " save " , it is to approach building city, stock market continuously likely and go, on the list that needs critical give aid and support, manufacturing industry was not grabbed again in ahead.

A few days ago, about the whole nation 18 places city publishs estate " help city " policy and concerned country will be estate the message cause a temporary clamor of untie a person of grand mix policy, cause intense echo, have citizen doubt: "Is floor price about so high still to help city? " " save town house price to not was about to go up? " ... yesterday, the investigation of website of one famous door shows, most probably much netizen objects estate helping city.

In the meantime, the reporter interviews discovery with all possible means, about estate the message of untie a person of grand mix policy was not confirmed by the government up to now, most expert scholar thinks national even if publishs concerned monetary policy and finance policy, also be not be aimed at real-estate industry only, more the scholar thinks, with respect to local government, urgent affairs is not to help city, do well however housing safeguard.

Reporter discovery, grand attune loosens near future concerned estate, the news that the country has helping city basically comes from real estate bound, include the trade group such as the guild of real estate, perhaps do not know source " authoritative message personage " , and of a very small amount that discloses besides trade group specific " expectation " outside measure, do not have more exact content, the State Council and its subordinate branch also did not give confirm.

Netizen: Or can not afford a house

Industry offerred hope of more untie a person, common people not show respect for. Up to yesterday towards evening, one portal website of domestic initiates " estate helps city " investigation already had 195103 people to attend, among them, the netizen of 84.72% objects helping city, the netizen of 77.03% thinks two years house price still can drop recently, if help city,the netizen of 88% thinks, land agent benefit is the greatest.

The netizen's reaction is out at personal experience, "Present income still cans not afford a room. " bear with respect to house price level and common people income of force than, our country 70 big in the city exceeds 6 all the time times, shenzhen is in last year more be as high as 20 times above; And American house price and income never cross this 4 times bank than returning.

Guangzhou: Governmental of short duration is not had save city consideration

With respect to Guangzhou character, this year in August, room of whole town skill clinchs a deal all valence 9078 yuan / square metre, according to calculate, the house value income of Guangzhou is compared highest achieve 10.3 times, and at present on international accepted " reasonable housing price " " house value income is compared " should be 3 to 6 times, the view of world bank expert is 4 to 6 times.
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