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High end is rare lack resource, how to have value sale?
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Can say, chinese vast territory and abundant resources, own numerous high end the scarce natural resources that be short of a gender, and not just coconut cultivates lava, for instance: The tea of glossy ganoderma of the liquor belt western, tobacco leaf belt of Yunnan, red wine belt of Heibei, northeast ginseng pilose antler, Hangzhou... etc. This is numerous rare lack resource, what development digs its value is necessary. This is firstly;

Secondly, our domestic company, digging high end rare be short of resource respect, often " know only firstly, do not know secondly " , its sale action often is immersed in " collected sesame seed, lost watermelon " predicament;

Thirdly, be in current China enterprise gradually from Chinese price in the process to Chinese value transition, how to dig the value that place of backside of a product includes, public figure of group of special need sale tries to pay close attention to.

Have in view of above 3 reasons, "High end is rare lack resource how sale " this one task, had the society that discuss and economic sense.

The article is built from compose " high end is rare lack resource " value combination and offer a principle, will undertake elaborating.

Compose is built rare the value combination that lacks resource

Well-known, the scarce natural resources that be short of a gender high end, depend on its " rare be short of a gender " value, alleged " content with rare for expensive " , it is this truth, and how to plant this " rare lack value " develop acme, namely " high end is rare lack resource " the ultimate goal of sale.

High end is rare be short of resource to give birth to configuration to tell formerly from its, its value depends on its product itself; But, if want to make this kind of resource into a brand, so, its value depends on product itself not just, more important is the value connotation that it represents and brand spirit.

A high end is rare be short of resource brand, be by " the individual character of the mental high end of reason high end of high end " place of element of these 3 value comprises.

1, give high end a reason -- stress producing area and quality

"The hero should ask source, high-end brand should ask producing area " , high end is rare those who lack sexual resource is rare lack a location, the only sex that consists its producing area and cannot duplicate, this is the unique value place of this kind of brand.

Maotai of wine of our the whole nation is exemple, rare lacking resource is Maotai makes the argument with high-grade best liquor. Suffer special fountainhead, climate and microbial environment effect, leave Maotai garrison post, cannot produce Maotai, so, maotai town is Maotai is rare lack resource. And, not be Maotai presses down all places to be able to produce a Maotai, fertile is circumference only probably the place with 2 square bit more kilometer. This let Maotai become " rare in be short of rare be short of " .
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