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With deepness sale thought real estate of business of stage of the county that f
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In commercial real estate in running, most of core is action business and promotion job. The whole that faces estate market is stagnant, the commercial real estate that goes up at where the wind and the waves are highest all the time is facing increasingly difficult unfavorable situation. And the project of commercial real estate of prefectural class market, it seems that more resembling is the boat is defeated slant meet with rain of the same night, numerous investor and businessman had lost confidence stage by stage, the project of real estate of prefectural ground commerce that has had half above faces the risk that capital catenary ruptures, so, where is the outlet of real estate of prefectural stage business?

The author is intervening northeast the project of commercial real estate inside city of class of a county, area of shop of this project business is 80 thousand smooth rice, residential area is 70 thousand smooth rice, it is a business lives kind of landed project. At this point project, talk about deepness sale mode simply to run the main effect that produces with place in commercial real estate, make one simple communication with the personage inside course of study.

Deepness sale thought thinks, present industry competition is not the singles between single company is fought alone any more, however the competition between catenary of value of a property. The system that the germ of core competition ability of the enterprise produces at place of located industrial value catenary cooperates with efficiency, so the enterprise needs Yo of beard and hair is in the core ability on the crucial link of industrial catenary, the control that passes the resource that issues each segment to going up accuses, will acquire the dominant position that cannot replace. Next, those who adopt pair of industry chain is ceaseless optimize, integrated, strengthen each link enterprise to cooperate with, come in order to seek increase of industrial catenary whole the biggest change oneself value.

The deepness sale thought in commercial real estate can be passed reflect in the following job.

One, redefine is tectonic the industrial value catenary of commercial real estate

Without doubt, commercial real estate also is having the industrial catenary of oneself. Generally speaking, the client of commercial real estate is to show investment is managed business door and the owner that buy store, and the upper reaches of commercial real estate is estate bear build business to wait. But, in the industrial chain that builds according to such thinking place compose, not was the person buy sheet finally of project of commercial real estate. In other words, such industrial chain is half-baked, cannot finish the implementation of value.

So our redefine catenary of a value, commercial real estate is in a center, we define upper reaches to be managed for investment business door and the owner that buy store, downstream the ultimate consumer that to come this business area consumes. We are likely very clear see, deepness sale after all who is of sale, appear for oriented industrial value chain with ultimate consumer come out, become the basic principle that our commerce real estate runs.
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