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From " avoid check to be abolished " treat customer decision-making thinking
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The country avoids check to be cancelled is sooner or later thing, but " choose in " milk powder crisis erupts when the mouth, unavoidable cause the public to its " mend the fold after a sheep is lost " doubt, also let relevant policymaker regret meaning is born suddenly: Since want to cancel, why to drive early?

Floor course of study abolishs to what the country avoids check is intentional manage preparation, look from the angle of economics, after 2005, avoid check to be in as collective of floor course of study flush, avoid check to regard attestation of a kind of tripartite as resource, the rare quickness that be short of a gender devalues, common view is to contain Troy to drop, think commonly, when the brand that lest check is begged to basically appeal to,becomes is increasing, the action that the offset that avoid check reachs since cost place is retreated by drive element turn into sanitarian element.

Here, drive element is to point to can buy decision-making generation to consumer the element of basic driving force, and what sanitarian element points to is to be able to give customer decision-making the link that brings psychological safety to feel. Drive element decided to consume decision-making direction above all, sanitarian element criterion aggrandizement consumer the hope that makes terminal decision.

The physical characteristic of product itself or the consumptive preference that become through brand model shaping, can be attributed to drive element category, and an element of vest in health care such as actual strength of brand attestation, enterprise attestation, dimensions. For instance of floor product sell a site distinctly, colors style is can immediate effect the element at buying intention, and free like quantity of produce and sale banner, dimensions the first, what enterprise attestation arises to consumption is safe safeguard action, look from decision-making order, what consumer pays close attention to above all is drive element: Happy event of design and color does not like, whether does the style accord with psychological demand, decorate with domestic whole whether to match etc, and just can paying close attention to next is old brand, whether does the product pass relevant attestation.

Cite a case in the life, the difference that easier understanding drive and sanitarian element are in the likelihood to go up to decision-making influence: When the person produces demand motive to food, drive is wrapped on him make buy decision-making, it is product itself completely of whether lubricious fragrance, if be the special consumer in love, the brand connotation of biscuit also becomes important rise (Ke Li silk lows even if so do, the flavour that there are vogue and love in biscuit) , and affect him to be bought whether finally next, may pay close attention to biscuit wholesome, whether OK safe edible is waited a moment, and this accession, to consumer, old brand or the business that carry relevant attestation often have safe feeling more, sanitarian element consumes decision-making action to aggrandizement because of this.
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