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Let organic food jump out traditional sale covers a region
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Current, market of Chinese organic food in recent years although have 20% amplitude, but market of a lot of region often applauds not draw a large audience, does the reason where? Do not contain insecticide and chemical fertilizer, grow adjust hormone, can you let consumer accept? Such provision level is admittedly good, but who is willing to be this very fathomless standard, spend more money to get?

In fact, the standard of consumer evaluation food is fresh, mouthfeel commonly good, exterior is good-looking, have nutrition, have distinguishing feature, have value of some kind of function, have rare be short of a gender, satisfied afore-mentioned a certain or a few conditions, consumer just learns the value of the product probably, be willing to give more pay, and present organic food majority, it is in the product bag mount imprints merely organic food attestation indicates just, some returns the green food mark with a lower level to also imprint at the same time even above, cause consumer to indissoluble to this generation, actually, the value of organic product should let consumer look get, feel get, the feeling gets, experience gets is core important or urgent business, but because organic food does not contain any artificial and chemical additive, in above food choice level field does not have clear advantage, some looks even surface color is bleak, overgrow bug eye, perceptual consumer in the absense of major differentiate ability and knowledge, think its tone is general instead, add tower above the price of times above of common provision 2-3, consumer is to understand hard more, why to meet so expensive, result although organic food is good, the customer that lets need it however is close and far.

organic food if really did not expand an outlet in China, the author thinks, in Chinese food safety the problem is serious with each passing day today, the brand that quickens organic food is changed and innovation sale is essential place. Its Shan Zhishi, can attack jade, with zoology green egg and organic and vegetable Beijing Deqingyuan is exemple, although provision level did not reach the level of organic food, but sale price also achieved every egg the price of 1 yuan of above, according to AC Nielsen the market studied in January 2007 result, egg of zoology of heart clear source is in Beijing at present brand egg market is had rate be as high as 71% , it is the egg brand that consumer trusts most. Successful reason is to use zoology agriculture pattern not just, implemented the circulatory system that agriculture of treatment of zoology breed aquatics, food, clean the sources of energy, organic fertilizer, order, zoology cultivates, lay every egg " Id number " , be supervised to what its character and origin undertook whole journey is changed and manage, can be tagged to go up on chorion all sorts of pertinent information, include to produce age of date of size of name of employee of number of address, time, lot number, serial, qualitative check, henhouse, coop and laying hen to wait a moment. More important is the consciousness that has brand sale, since May 1, 2007, de Qingyuan takes out 30 million yuan to wait for media in TV, subway aspirant travel travels extensively, grab the commanding elevation of preoccupy egg brand. Combine community deepness to popularize educational activity, the itself of egg of heart clear source that adds zoology to raise is mixed in color there is apparent difference with general egg on mouthfeel, make its sale from 500 thousand accomplished 500 million.
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