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Failure of sale of brand of TG pure wine uncovers secret greatly
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99 years TG group rolls out the pure wine of rich and contemporary characteristic, make the central point of industry temporarily, TG pure wine regards an industry as the sage inside, became martyr very quickly. TG pure wine regards generation as new-style and contemporary liquor, in its carry makes short one time scene, disappear from the scene to also hear the voice that is less than it again however. Why does TG pure wine rise like the station like giant is gigantic flat? Someone says the idea that is it too lead, someone says the fixed position that is it forbids, returning somebody to say is too be eager to hope for success causing, etc. What is the reason that TG pure wine fails after all? The author serves as once participated in and witness carry of TG pure wine to do reach failure the person that whole process is witnessed. Think the sale of TG pure wine fails to basically be caused by the following reasons.

One of unsuccessful elements: The concept guides did not build acknowledge

Because consumer suffers the influence of traditional liquor not to understand pure wine, to consumer this is a brand-new concept. Accordingly, it is very important to early days promotion is taught to consumer and guide, especially of the concept of pure wine guide, how to go letting consumer accept, how eliminating consumer defence mentality is concept of TG pure wine guides period grand opera. The concept as a result of TG pure wine too the effect that halfback and consumer suffer traditional wine for a long time, adding guide the error on strategy, so, final TG pure wine also did not cast off unsuccessful ending accordingly.

Above all from " pure wine begins from TG " . Does with respect to this advertisement appeal to what to beg consumer to understand from which? Knowing pure wine is TG production, perhaps say TG produces pure wine the first times, but what is TG pure wine and consumer does not know. Such transmission and consumer do not have the correlation of immediate increase, consumer nature does not sell its Zhang.

Next, roll out later " wine of + of clean water of ≠ of TG pure wine " conduct propaganda, more let consumer misunderstanding. Had not figured out when consumer pure wine is what thing when, undertake such conduct propaganda again, just misdirect consumer, let consumer can produce such associating: "Oh, pure wine is clean water adds alcohol " .

The 3rd, TG pure wine still is rolled out " science drinks, do not hurt liver " conduct propaganda. What is to drink scientificly? How many love nonabstainer to pay attention to science to drink again? What concern does pure wine of this and TG have? Very much traditional liquor also is to say so: Right amount drink, do not hurt liver, healthful wait. TG pure wine serves as a kind of new-style and contemporary liquor, new-style where to go to? Contemporary where to go to? Are these publicized and did not let consumer understand what TG pure wine is after all? The conduct propaganda because of these concepts not only did not make consumer true pure wine of ground understanding and understanding TG, pure to TG instead wine had more misunderstanding and misinterpret. So, the author thinks product idea acknowledge transmits error is one of main reasons that TG pure wine runs failure.
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