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Heating can not be shared stairwell heating cost authorities: no heating facili
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Harbin market residential area of blue-chip colorful part of the population reflects the sun, from last year, the heating sector to some residents pay more than the heat received fees of about 10 square meters, part of which is the pool area of the heating cost. The residents questioned their own facilities where the floor is not heating why have to pay the pool fee? Recently, the reporter went to the blue-chip colorful light district, 15th Floor, Building 2, Unit 2, yellow old man said residents from last year, he was asked to pay more than heat time of about 10 square meters to pay the costs. Book in real estate sales contracts, the reporter saw the use of yellow house in an area of 63.23 square meters, yellow old man burned fee instrument package has shown an area of 73.43 square meters heating. Old man with the yellow door to use the summer house area is 62.62 square meters, including burning heating costs displayed on the instrument area is 72.82 square meters. Huang said the old man, who told them to pay close the balcony area and sharing the common area. Xia said the old man, the balcony area is 3.5 square meters, minus the balcony area, heating sector also overcharged nearly 7 square meters of heating cost, and the home is located within the corridor floor and no heating facilities, heating sector Han received 200 yuan more than the heating cost? This reporter saw a yellow house where the old man only 1 unit has floor to 6th floor heating, but it feels to be cold. Reporter found peace heating limited liability company, surnamed Zhao, a charged person in charge of the Ministry of interpretation, according to the city of Black [2005] No. 36 document stipulates that urban residents use the area, including residential heating comprising the use of space, balcony area with hot and heating in public areas. Some residents are too many charges to reflect the heating sector matter, contradictions appear in the public area. Documents, the public area of heating is the prorated share of residential customers the whole building has heating facilities, stairways, corridors, etc. Total area. Documents did not specify where the concrete floor heating facilities, although some senior households where the floor is not heating facilities, but they are within the corridor in the unit heating facilities, fees and charges by the Housing Department to calculate the measurement report to each household receive public area of the heat cost allocation. In this regard, Heilongjiang Province, the Office of Housing and Urban King Director of Urban Construction Department, said the city of Black [2005] Document No. 36, the middle finger of the "whole building has heating facilities, stairways, corridors, etc. Total area" should be based on each floor with heating facilities to understand, there is no heating facilities should not be charged. Director Wang said, can come forward to award municipal heating run, or will be installed on each floor heating facilities, or removal of the installation of heating facilities, so there is no objection to the.
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