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Rights: Stairs with two months to crack the owners worry about loud noise upst
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Ms. Fan in Dadukou bought a duplex house, renovated some time ago, in 3780 yuan ceramic flower market to buy a set of interior stairs. After installation of new stairs, Ms. Fan, a look quite like that with the comfortable. Can be less than 2 months, stairs to the corner part of the split gap of 1 cm wide, for safety sake, Ms. Fan not re-use, upstairs and downstairs into trouble. Ms. Fan said that, this interior staircase is purchased in June of this year, agreed to one year shelf life. August 11, the manufacturer directly to site installation, and available in less than 2 months, stairs, a corner crack appeared. Ms. Fan was very angry, for safety, she took the initiative to find dealers, requires maintenance, but after a few repairs have not solve the problem, until now, manufacturers not to deal with. "I really can not, only to find the business sector for help." Ms. Fan Village directly to the local business by the new complaints. Business law enforcement officials and the scene between the two sides dispute mediation, in accordance with relevant regulations, which are product quality problems, the manufacturer or seller to be responsible for replacement or return. After mediation, the staircase manufacturing plant in Chongqing yesterday, maintenance personnel have come to Ms. Fan repaired indoor step ladder.
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