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How fire escape stairs
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The stairs on fire, people tend to panic. Especially in the upstairs who is anxious not know what to do. Once this fire to be fearless, first to stabilize their emotions, keep a clear head, try to spot the fire. Such as the use of irrigated, covered with wet blankets and so on, if not immediately extinguished, the fire will burn the more the more prosperous, people have the danger of the fire siege, this time should try to escape. Sometimes within a building on fire, the stairs are not on fire, but smoke often filling the stairwell toward the upstairs people tend to the illusion that the staircase had been cut off, there is no retreat, but in fact most cases, the stairs did not fire, can try to Duolu out. If the breath the smoke, use a wet towel over his mouth and nose, close to the floor or simply run away. Even if the stairs are flame sealed, and in no other way out, the wet blankets and other items can also be used as a cover to go out quickly as soon as possible. If the staircase has indeed been burned off, it seems that proximity to an impasse, they should sit down and think whether there are other stairs to go, can I transfer from the roof or balcony, it can draw water pipes, such as bamboo or rope slide down, can you skip down to step by step and so on. As long as their brains, the general can still be rescued if they have children, the elderly, patients who were trapped in upstairs, but should try to rescue, such as with the quilt, blanket, jacket and other items wrapped. A rope with a rope, no rope knot with tear sheets from sliding along the rope, or throw in the balcony, roof, etc., for the early call for help out of danger, but also a major rescue measures were besieged by fire there is no way out , surrounded by the masses to hear call for help, will try to rescue or report the fire brigade to the rescue.
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