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Fitness Exercise the new fashion stair climbing
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Present, more and more people try a new fitness new way - Gordon stairs. Original staircases on the 10-minute card can consume 200 calories, calories burned down the stairs on the stairs for the 1 / 3, is an excellent way to fitness. This is an aerobic exercise, can consume the body fat, improve heart and lung function Energy. At the same time, calories consumed on the stairs, walking more than 4 times more than the 29% run, benefit the prevention and treatment of obese patients. People through middle age, due to reduced activity, such as frequent up and down stairs, can enhance coronary Blood flow and prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease. However, the stairs to slow Teng Teng appropriate. A second to a higher level, the speed should be uniform, steady and rhythmic pace should be increased back muscle strength and lower limb muscle activity ligaments and joints to maintain flexibility The course of time, can become strong and powerful legs. Each registration exercise time not too long stairs to 10,20 minutes is appropriate. Gordon stairs speed and exercise intensity should be kept moderate to significant stress and not feel for the degree of difficulty . Board on the stairs to try to ease, so Ta fall, causing sports injuries. Stairways is relatively spacious, bright, fresh air, do not stack items in the stairs and turn exercise. Exercise activities should be preceded by the waist , Knee and ankle joints, exercise should wear soft shoes, do not force the action to do difficult and necessary to do what.
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