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Crystal stair lands field of the Changsha City sadly
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What stair regards household as building materials industry is new army, be being favorred stage by stage by more and more consumer. In last few years, more and more brand stair land field of the Changsha City, among them stair of real wood, steel wood gets the welcome of consumer, in stair industry each are gotten coquettish. The agency earn basin of stair of a few real wood, steel wood is full earthen bowl is full, think oneself choose stair industry is advisability to lift. The reporter was visited a few days ago south the discovery when market of lake building materials, flourishing a sector of an area opened the market newly inn of a crystal stair. Storefront is decorated very luxurious and trendy, colour is very bright-coloured, give a person with very strong vision wallop. 2 crystal stair were placed inside inn, the fittings such as a few armrest, pillar was placed all round wall, in sunshine next beamed glowing, let a person fondle admiringly. A controller of surname king in inn tells a reporter, because these crystal stair used special technology, the product that makes and natural crystal differ on the sense organ very few, material qualitative surface is compact, fight corrode, acid-proof alkaline, flame retardant be able to bear or endure lukewarm, not easy ageing, life is as long as 40 years of above, it is product of green environmental protection. But it is a lot of cheaper that stair of realer than whole wood wants, get the favour of young customer, the person that comes round to seek advice everyday is very much, sales volume is very good also. Additional, wait like hall of bar, coffee, guesthouse public suit to install crystal stair very much.

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