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Stair of gild real wood 360 thousand appear on a happy home
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Recently, le Jiaju of stone forest home did " product of household of renown actor characteristic is recommended meeting " , roll out a batch of top class homes to reside extravagant product, price of stair of real wood of a gild 360 thousand yuan, the Gao Lingren be left speechless with wonder or fear of its price. Recommend on the meeting one to come from Korea, use exceed particularly thick the casing outside fighting profile of the aluminium alloy that press titanium to do, in shutter door of intelligence of remote control of electron of the buy inside hollow glass window, the Li Jiacheng, house place that becomes dragon uses this product, and every square metre is as high as its price 4500 yuan, tower above is common door window 10 times; A price of gorgeous stair of family expenses real wood is as high as 360 thousand yuan. According to introducing, what using data all is wood of entrance Europe Ju, 3 years of natural airing, pure manual sculpture adds gild of 24K decorative pattern, the craft that make also can be encircled can nod; And another integral ambry price that comes from Italy is more breathtaking: 1.6 million yuan! The research and development of configuration of electric equipment of top class kitchen, high specified number designs sculpture of handiwork of archaize of complete cherry real wood, whole world charge, each are the whole world alone one, design has each different, allegedly such product is provided extremely collect value. Besides the household things with above high luxury, the reporter still discovered in the spot many characteristic that can be accepted by masses consumer live in a product. Floor of realer than consistent money curve wood with respect to extraordinary, change the straight line of floor of common fact wood, go all out for curvilinear brim be identical entirely outfit, use such patent technology to be able to make allegedly floor more level off, fight be out of shape. Hu Haihong of chief inspector of layout of domestic happy home tells a reporter, one fraction that recommended product takes a happy home only, but represented the highest development level that lives in industry product at present, also represented the newest culture trend of the industry.

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