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Shanghai is installed assist hold 2 congress
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Shanghai adornment decorates guild the 2nd member congress is held at succeeding recently. Qing Dynasty of admittance of the enterprise self-discipline that Shanghai adornment decorates association initiate, market goes out, normative service amounts to project of wall of mark, act construction of Party committee of association of censorial, organization, indoor stylist from job seniority attestation, drove Shanghai to build the development that decorates association not only, the development that also decorates association for the whole nation points to clear vane. Subsequently, liu Qing of social service bureau, Shanghai builds liaison man appoint the leader attending the meeting such as secretary-general Xu Qun also made splendid speech. New the chairman Chen Li that be elected published splendid inaugural speech. She says entrepreneur runs association, execute chairman rotate to make, it is a job that the 2nd board tries, also be a task that executes trade work exploration. She says, holding the position of chairman is a honor, also be a kind of responsibility. The result that Chen Li chairman obtains to place of chairman of Li Hongxin of previous term or session offerred sufficient affirmation, to association the development henceforth is confident.

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