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Chamber of commerce of Guangdong stair works is about to hold water
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A few days ago, reporter and stair industry learn in the communication of senior personage, by stair of Shan head elegant pace, stair of Guangzhou name fir, Tangchao, stair of art of Shenzhen city green nimble, Mu Yuanshang is tasted wait for an enterprise to take the lead, prepare to construct actively chamber of commerce of works of Guangdong province stair. Current, the enterprise that answers actively already amounted to more than 50. According to initiating unit introduction, of chamber of commerce of Guangdong stair works hold water, the one big great event that is Guangdong stair course of study, the mark is worn Guangdong stair industry already hasten is mature; In the meantime, the Guangdong stair firm that is about to establish is met, its member structure will cover the stair industry such as steel ladder, real wood ladder, Tie Yi, this forms enclothe face and integrality, will make chamber of commerce " the home that becomes stair him company " , make famous brand for Guangdong stair, accelerate an industry to develop market of pace, normative industry to make due contribution.

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