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Chengdu stair also sells when furniture
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Nowadays, when many other people is being decorated, Chengdu has very much " light is repaired, heavy adornment " concept, people also takes domestic illuminative seriously more and more each detail. And when occupy when the villatic, building that leaps a these need to do stair, people just discovers, original stair is beautiful also became domestic illuminative a main component. As we have learned, as a result of the reason of the price, entrance brand stair is in China of the market have rate have 5% only. But, from 2003 since, their sale shows the trend that rises steadily. Current, the stair with what qualitative material gains the favour of consumer more easily? Professional personage introduces, wooden stairs is the market has a rate is the oldest kind. The main reason that consumer likes is lumber itself has warm feeling, together with and ground plank pledge and colour matchs easily, construction is opposite more convenient also. Additional, the businessman of a few professional building materials of Chengdu still understands, iron makes geometric ratio of stair, marble stair, glass stair, steeliness stair relatively " additional kind " choice, already also became prevailing custom gradually in Chengdu.

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