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Chongqing agency yearns for acting brand stair
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As the flying development of Chongqing economy, those who buy room crowd is young change and the change that consumes an idea, the year after year of stair market share of Chongqing expands, the businessman of management stair is increasing also. Reporter in Chongqing a few big adornment sell an investigation discovery, the stair that sells on market basically is given priority to with what Chongqing produces, it is brand of ab extra stair partly rarely only, quite a few well-known trademarks had not entered Chongqing market. Because stair industry is a burgeoning industry, numerous stair enterprise has not undertaken large-scale brand conformity is popularized, caused agency to explore manufacturer difficulty, manufacturer searchs the situation with bad also agency. As we have learned, the brand stair that enters Chongqing nowadays has 3, 5, but the market with huge Chongqing still can hold more brands, agency of a few far-sighted has put eye far, brand stair is searched to undertake acting inside countrywide limits. In the process that cover, major agency expressed to think the representative is famous the desire of brand stair, having two agency is the stair that keeps asking about a few well-known trademarks of countrywide to the reporter more, the reporter network that hopes to spread all over the whole nation through our newspaper helps them search the manufacturer of real wood stair that can operate Chongqing market jointly.

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