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Appeal of Zhejiang stair firm establishs guild
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Recently, zhejiang saves stair bound to disclose about the personage, zhejiang saves stair businessman appeal to establish guild, the uniform standard of collective formulate industry, with normative trade act. Through development of several years, zhejiang stair already formed 4 main characteristics: Above all, formed stair industry to produce sale group: If have " of Chinese stair " beautiful praise Ning Bo, " the countryside of Chinese woodcarving " Dong Yang, and and other places of city of Wen Zhou, stage, Hangzhou enterprise of stair of home of know exactly about sth. Industry group a lot of have representative company in the whole nation, of the lucky king that is like Ning Bo, Hangzhou install a pace to wait. Next, in Zhejiang province city of each 23 class forms stair sheet inn sells sale field; Only the city that city of class of a county has ten stair brand shop is numerous, be like Dong Yang, always health and other places, stair has walked along public spending in Zhejiang. Again, the inn in inn. Brand shop is opened in city of each building materials, if be in Hangzhou,the biggest new era and beautiful have stair area in market of good home building materials; Promote in carry on decorating a city to had had ten stair brand shop greatly. Finally, open spacious flagship store. The new world stair that is like Hangzhou this locality and Hangzhou child stair, be in the urban district respectively main a section of a highway opened the figure with bigger field to sell store. Still have a bit what deserve attention: Zhejiang still has enterprise of a lot of stair to undertake spot sale is given priority to in order to be in a village. The flying development of Zhejiang stair industry also brought a lot of issues, be like an enterprise mutual undermine the foundation, shoddy, imitate borrowed etc. Hangzhou city adornment decorates secretary-general of chamber of commerce Mr Li Daiyu to think: "Latent capacity of Zhejiang stair development is tremendous, zhejiang stair high-quality goods changes a course also be vividly portrayed, but Zhejiang stair also puts in a few big bottleneck: Be like, business management mode of inattentive, sale product of onefold, stair is coessential change, the weakness of ability of research and development, overmuch style that imitates foreign stair brand, zhejiang stair or service are concentrated now model product, and industry competition is more and more intense, below this kind of circumstance, establish guild, market of normative Zhejiang stair, making the benefit of stair industry has qualitative promotion is very necessary. "

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