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Real wood stair maintains have 5 court
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Be in at present Dongguan on market of lumber of each a lunar month of 30 days, real wood stair has very large proportion, from the understanding discovery to building materials market and agency, real wood sales volume although Tie Yi of be not a patch on, but stair of the Bo that be the same as steel, marble is close friends more quite. Although prospect of market of real wood stair is good, but need undertakes nursing regularly, 5 confess serve under defray: 1. Use dishcloth and dirt of surface of door plank of purify of chicken feather whisk regularly. 2. High grade carpentry cleaner or the cleaner of the dilute that add water can be rapid eliminate dactylogram imprints and splash be soiled trace. 3. 3 months or half an year give door plank waxing, burnish, can make door plank all previous long cover is new, but need to use gentle blame beforehand aqueous solution of alkalescent toilet soap is cleared old candle. 4. Stubborn besmirch touchs cerated water or salad oil, toothpaste to wait with cloth, knead down Mu Wen brush, with dishcloth mop works later, again cerated, polish, can neat be like new. 5. Blow caustic mark: You can be in Tu Shanghuang in scratch Brown or the leather of light color is oily, the color of leather oil must go up with door plank most the paint close of light color, knead down Mu Wen direction with dry cloth next brush, till color development Mu Wen enclothes scratch, again cerated, polish can. If above nurses,the method cannot produce clear result, look for stair professional to undertake handling please.

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