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Wu Jiang annals gets the better of a machinery plant to become UV plank to produ
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Recently, records of Wu Jiang city gets the better of a machinery plant to again a stair board produces equipment to sell as far as to Jiangsu, on September 20 midday, two guests that come from Jiangsu get the better of a machinery plant in records of Wu Jiang city the board of complete set UV that serious ground check watched this factory to produce produces equipment, the priming paint that they produce to this factory sander, face (bottom) the drier of ultraviolet ray of lacquer spreader, UV, quality that drenchs Qi Tu of act type face assembles the product such as machine is profuse in praise, the complete set that ordered this plant on the spot equipment of UV board product line. Records of Wu Jiang city gets the better of a machinery plant is the company that a major creates besmear furnish to have, this factory holds to the principle of professional, sincere letter, all previous classics more than 10 years fumble, innovation, already became the model in the industry, surveyor's pole. The product that they produce basically applies at stair board, Zhu Mu floor, plastic board, circuitry of plated film of furniture of vertical of plywood, group, ambry board, vacuum, electron board wait for a domain. The manufacturing facilities of plank of UV of the complete set a cupboard that also serves as a table that develops in recent years especially, furniture, be used by company of domestic and international much home, report is favorable, this factory also is mied wife by course of study accordingly person praise for " UV plank produces an expert " . The test is done with all sorts of smooth plank on the priming paint that the guest of Jiangsu produces in this factory on the spot sander, if floor, besmear crosses the face plate of lacquer to wait, exceed wide cut arenaceous aureola through what frequency conversion adjusts a design, even ground goes to polish of material of a piece of Zhang Ban the degree with completely OK and adherent paint, drench lacquer of act type face besmears next outfit machine with the thinnest paint film, UV ultraviolet ray besmear of smooth solidify colophony arrives on plank, it is finally inside a few seconds, conveyer belt was carrying plank to pass drier of UV ultraviolet ray. Arrive from polishing solidify, whole process was used only short the time of a few seconds. The expert knows, the more thin UV paints film not easy solidify is the more good, appear very easily orange skin phenomenon, but the product of this factory is in after a this the most crucial working procedure comes down, it is beautiful like lens face however, if diamond is same hard, the travelling merchant that allows to nag delimits at will with small knife come stroke, the paint film that can connect size of grain of rice namely also was not flaked come down, final travelling merchant showed satisfactory smile, on the spot clappers delivers goods. Because stair industry is a burgeoning industry, and stair UV board it is very new product more, the most person production to stair UV plank and using still is not to understand very much, records of Wu Jiang city gets the better of a machinery plant to go to a few stair manufacturer office that enter travel or experience of Shang Qian industry newly coaching installation reachs use job on a special trip, as a result of stair the additional cost of UV board reachs a good point high much, a few have the stair proprietor of an enterprise of a person of foresight to had begun to introduce in the round, the fact proves, these enterprises already in advance is benefited. Records of Wu Jiang city gets the better of a machinery plant to be located in Jiangsu to visit Wu Jiang town 8 industrial district, xu Hongkui of this plant factory manager has been before more than 10 years inside course of study little famous energy of life. Everybody knows he works very respect property, all products not only want guest satisfaction, even oneself are looked at very perfect gift leaves factory, he thinks very hand and foot for the user. The professional technician with Factory director Xu Hongkui with very masterly technology and this top-ranking enterprise, established UV plank to produce the ability of powerful product research and development of arms of industry file leader together. Factory director Xu Hongkui says: "We hold to high grade, efficient principle, provide perfect after service, make high-quality goods with professional attentively, gain the market with sincere letter. "
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