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Zhuhai stair market just starts
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During National Day, the reporter visited Zhuhai all building materials markets, the market of each building materials that discovers Zhuhai does not have the agency of stair and agent basically. In Zhuhai dimensions the biggest building materials market -- market of world nation building materials, also have agent of stair of a renown fir merely. Art extremely -- the brand stair of a Shanghai, sad actually silence ground hides in a halcyon and street corner, the reporter just found their storefront after many setbacks. Zhuhai is a special economic zone, it is the city that gives priority to with developing tourism, economy also comparatives develop, but come round to look with respect to eye, building materials market has not formed dimensions. In interview, a representative " nimble pace " the old boss of stair brand tells a reporter, they also are just practice 3 months time, storefront was not decorated, still support wait-and-see attitude to the building materials market of Zhuhai, did not cherish very big hope, the reason depends on most Zhuhai person going up to had not changed direction in consumptive idea adorn kind of product. A lot of people aux would rather spend thousands of yuan of money to eat big food on one times, also not be willing to invest much money to be decorated indoors go up. Especially stair, this is to make Zhuhai original with respect to amount to not much businessman special headachy problem. Be aimed at this one phenomenon, suggest each stair enterprise and agent are managing him brand while, should apply significant step to promote the brand more to the market, make a brand true, in walking into consumer heart really. For instance sales promotion, the ultimate goal of sales promotion is to pull those who use sale to rise, beyond question sales promotion tastes the effect that having to hold the balance in the process of sales promotion, this is a Shuang Renjian, how to use, see each businessman whether accurate assurance each opportunities of the market. But why to no matter adopt,plant method, ultimate goal is in as a child will tell is to raise sale level, will look from large part is the dimensions that enlarging market of stair of whole Zhuhai area and brand strength, and those who sell a level raise need brand to pull move, raising product quality and sale level is the requirement that makes good market, the assurance that also should master pair of markets and client psychology at the same time ability. The price is the main factor that the market sells, and the main factor that quality and brand are manufacturer of client choice stair, how to seek the balance site between both, it is the issue that need of each stair manufacturer explores Zhuhai. Bazaar is like battlefield, water is fugacious situation, how to hold the market, consider the situation, actual strength of oneself of sufficient play enterprise stands firm in the market, it is the issue that each Zhuhai agency and agent should consider. Zhuhai has advantaged natural requirement, villatic area place holds proportion quite big also, the businessman should seize opportunity of this one market, rapid mining gives the potential of the market, the channel that develops an independence makes the enterprise stands firm in Zhuhai.
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