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Zhongshan is fond of a pace to roll out new-style framework stair
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To overcome the inadequacy of existing technology, zhongshan is fond of pace stair to undertake ceaseless innovation in technical domain, research and development gives a kind of practical and new-style framework stair. The general manager Zhong Zhansheng of stair happy a pace says to the reporter: "Happy pace holds to from beginning to end ' transcend self, pace of relaxed happy event ' business concept, develop the optional sex form of stair to acme. " the stair before   basically is ferroconcrete stair, iron make or wooden stairs, although its form material to differ, having common characteristic however is his configuration is drab, and form cannot be changed at will after its stair shapes. Current, as the rapid development of bldg. , second-round exam building, attic is increasing also to the application of stair, according to the increases the beauty that reach careful to watch change of people living standard, original stair already was replaced by combined-type stair place gradually. But the combined-type stair structure on existing market complex, installation is difficult, and the step height of stair cannot adjust, and can appear after installation is fine play slippery phenomenon, use fluky, these problems become people to use medium one big worry. As we have learned, this kind practical model framework stair includes axes to be propped up parallelly establish a canal to reach the bushing that prop up, the two canals that prop up wear join to become step state through the horizontal stroke, the internal diameter of the bushing that prop up is wider than propping up the external diameter that establishs a canal. And the bolt aperture that the lower end of the bushing that prop up sets installation bolt, bolt aperture is two groups or so, every issue two on the group. Such stair structural frame can turn when installation proper point of view undertakes installing each other, get gyral thereby the aleatoric form of stair. And the characteristic of stair of this kind of framework is: Practical and new-style structure is simple, tear open outfit is convenient, need to receive the bushing propping up of framework only when installation in another framework prop up establish a canal to go up, cross bolt aperture with bolt, on bolt top spin nut is secured finally can. Additional, adjust the height of bolt can lift or reduce the distance between step, use convenient, because this can suit the installation of different field. In the meantime, still can need according to the space of different floor, can assemble vertical ladder, rotate the form such as ladder. Current, this kind of practical and new-style stair framework already undertook preliminary examine and verify through national exclusive law, patent granted formally on June 28, 2006.

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