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Central Plains stair is faced with an industry to shuffle
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Henan is located in China mid, as in recent years economic development, estate got strong development, drove the development of a series of building materials industries at the same time. Zhengzhou is in built inside 3 years recently greatly small market of a few building materials, each building materials industries subsequently and the market that will also form major or concentration are sold place. As the demand of the market, the development of estate also is in change quickly, by work up of pure before multilayer, monolayer wrong layer, jump layer, double entry and villa to wait for a series of suiting contemporary living house property. Estate was developed, the house is about to decorate, more and more people begin the stair since attention to come. Stair of choose of contemporary person selected as choosing furniture same, stair makes the one part that decorates in the home, the demand of the market also drove industrial development. "We are in garrison when Henan market, be being returned in Zhengzhou is the 3rd, inside 3 years of short time, zhengzhou stair has had 20 many brands and many 30 storefront, the native land brand of Henan also had been formed stage by stage. " director of stair of heart of Beijing hundred be an official says so. Speed of stair industry development is be obvious to all, have advantaged advantage more in the development of a few small and medium sized business of Henan particularly. Because the manufacturer that makes wooden line, line before transforms and a lot of present stair enterprise comes, they have the master worker of land of off-the-peg machinery, factory, raw material and charge for the making of sth. , still having a few is the development that makes woodcarving industry secondary industry, also began to make the stair of high-grade solid woodworking with masterly charge for the making of sth. . Be based on above advantage, henan produces a business native landly, give priority to in order to produce real wood stair, at the same time this also catered to the taste of Central Plains person. All the time since, "Imitate " become a lot of industry to exist generally and the problem that solves hard, imitate now also affected stair trade. Be this is planted " imitate " wind makes industry appeared to weigh an industry and the common fault of not heavy design, block up the development of the industry. Long-term since, "Exhibit can see kind, come home imitate " the shortcut that business be regardinged as by a few enterprises grows. Exhibit now hanging on the meeting " do not take a picture please " the phenomenal everywhere of billboard is visible, although such, still be unavoidable to throw production to be met " 1000 trees pear of 10 thousand trees is spent " phenomenon. Imitate did not innovate, can follow at the back of others to go only, make oneself brand feature very hard, enterprise of impossible also achievement is brilliant tomorrow. Development innovation, the route that takes a brand just is an outlet! Stair faces south this industry, with respect to big like cake, offend a lot of people lick one's chaps, think the person that has cake is increasing, competitive nature becomes intense, agency is much, manufacturer home also increased, subsequently and will will be entered very quickly " times of dispute of the Warring States " , when shuffling the process also is to stair industry not far. Consciousness of a lot of enterprises produced change now, developing oneself new product actively, propagandist strength is increased on brand construction, those who be is to make a brand, make famous brand. In the meantime, the service also is the organic component that creates nameplate, the product that is the same as class now is very much, quality does not have too big distinction, but the distinction of the service is big, personalized service can create his brand tamp base for you.
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