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Low pounds agency of Changsha brand stair
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Stair regards an assemble as art and practical carrier becoming owner house illuminative to be bestowed favor on newly stage by stage. Consumer of a few high end for pursuit more the living environment of high quality, not hesitate when buying stair spend money like water. "Artistic space, exceeding and costly " ad saying, once made a lot of consumer are art extremely the exalted, elegance of stair and dump. A lot of management art extremely the agency of stair, brand stair people one night is cruel rich. Then, more and more agency begin acting brand stair, the hope shares from which a cup of a thick soup. But, stair industry competition is more and more intense, consumer more seek rational consumption, more people or pursuit are substantial. The reporter visited the bazaar of a few building materials of Changsha a few days ago, a few stair that discover this locality produce business to draw the attention of consumer with extremely low price. According to statistic, the stair of 13 paces real wood that a this locality produces sells only 10 thousand multivariate, and stair of a few brands should be as high as many yuan 10, this among them vast price difference lets a lot of consumer flinch. Especially copy of current stair industry risks become the order of the day, the stair that a few small companies produce draws gourd ladle according to calabash on design, go up in material perpetrate a fraud, fall again on the price, cause disorder of stair industry value. Because consumer understands stair industry not quite, know to look only design and touch stair face with the hand smooth, to the brand either too care about. Then, a lot of customer that woo material benefit often choose the stair with low price, because covet is cheap,place is gone to before and be deceived. Current, go everyday the customer that inn of stair of a few brands refers is very much, but what buy truly is not much, stair makes a kind of decoration in inn, also bewildered brand stair agency. Professional personage suggests, brand stair agency should the consumption level according to place, with high-grade give priority to, in give attention to two or morethings of low class; Or with intermediate give priority to, class of discretion of give attention to two or morethings. Produce what Shang Yinggen occupies consumer to bear ability, wait for pillar, footplate, armrest undertake reasonable collocation, differ choose a site for the capital should use the high wood such as red sandalwood. In the meantime, agency should get the support of manufacturer, have activity of a few sales promotion, or undertake corresponding conduct propaganda, rise those who be in place is famous degree, had done corresponding form a complete set to serve.

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