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How making a brand is the issue that Chinese stair considers at present
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  one, the technical force with abundant construction, do good brand to want to do good quality first.

Regard technical requirement as high stair industry, technical force is the hardware foundation of its brand. Technical construction is the basis that forms stair industry brand, also be the premise that stair brand builds, the stair manufacturer of banner without abundant technical actual strength and industry ability is cannot develop brand plastic smoothly.

As we have learned, at present domestic stair factory already had on 1000, real brand company is very few however. In memory of a lot of stair industry employer, it is OK to spend money “ breaks ” to give a brand to come. The advertisement that blot out the sky and cover up the earth is publicized, no matter where be,invite customer, what one sees and hears, want not to remember be no good. And this kind sees the sign that seems Gao Zhi name to spend, can not be the brand on real significance to build. Stair market competition is increasingly intense, not be the situation that demands exceeds supply before any more. Accordingly, a lot of stair enterprises are gone after blindly make money fast, shortcut takes on production and sale, overdraw with inferior product, mean shift the market, a brand is done was bungled, change a brand to work then, final brand is done bad, the enterprise also cannot be done do greatly strong.

The the product style with a preeminent the work steadily, should dependable will newest engineering technology, excelsior character, most popular company, most competitive product brings broad customer; In the process that promotes a client quality of modern family life, the abidance that also can realize enterprise oneself develops quickly.

  2, the research and development that strengthens new product and promotion, influence occupational market with difference.

Development period does not consider Chinese stair industry long, but development is rapid, your abroad person of the same trade surpriseds. But developed so much year, enter Chinese market to be taken by the Chinese from Er of TM, flourish spy duplicate, development has the Chinese stair of foreign amorous feelings to today, arrive from charge for the making of sth. design, still be follow up to now their style, make the stair on Chinese stair market looks machine-made, new idea of it doesn't matter.

TM of international stair brand encounters a such problems with respect to classics regular meeting: Home has too much enterprise to copy their product, imitate be give no cause for more criticism originally, perhaps saying is the way that when a company just started, must want. But the stair product picture that some enterprises join a someone is direct copy word for word, pressworked intactly. By this token, still lack in stair industry truly static next hearts come the person of deal, lack the spirit of hundred years old store. Product innovation ability shorts. The product design of 1000 people one side, give priority to completely with borrowed and be being imitated, chinese stair is put in “ to design the element of ” scarcely in the enterprise. Everybody does not have motivation of research and development on the product, borrowed each other become a common practice. A few agency shortsighted, blindly pursuit the benefit before, join in a brand is to buy ladder of a few appearance only actually, make an a bit more professional appearance, begin to look for small mill to machine production according to appearance in place. Have more very person, flat looked for ten workers to be done produce oneself sell oneself, become a common practice of “ clone ” . Did not need the product of dissimilation so, can cause price war only when the market is saturated, it is difficult to bring about an enterprise to live.
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