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How should Chinese stair industry accelerate implementation standardization
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Since entering manufacturing peak period, the incessantly of manager complain of suffering of most stair enterprise, complain hand is insufficient in succession, some enterprises hit what " hires employee " urgently to hire advertisement even. Because of the production of stair industry, especially the workload of burnish is quite big. Want paint to be done well, burnish is about to be hit well, so burnish labour is in stair industry is a giant group. Celebrated manager says, the manual rate of this industry is too high, do not have method to standardize an operation at all; I look so that headache into the workshop occasionally, because go in to see so much person later,be in burnish, hand is insufficient still however! And the dirt inside the workshop is very old, influential also to the worker's health; The respect waits in the sale such also, cannot approve quantify.

Actually, to stair industry character, the standardization rate of all link is very low, almost each respect such as every stair dimension has difference. Because the influence of a lot of different element is mixed,restrict, stair occupation standard changes rate particularly low, especially the segment such as production is small.

Problem essence:

To traditional production industry, standardization, industrialization is the enterprise is done make strong the only way greatly. The stair industry nowadays faces such quandary: With Euramerican wait for developed country photograph to compare, stair industry of China still is in the primary level of development, mechanization degree on the low side, the product need of 80 % above relies on great majority enterprise to be finished by hand, treatment efficiency is extremely low.

Accordingly, the biggest question that perplexes stair enterprise at present is standardization rate is low, turn big production very hard into guild regulations model, include the link such as production, sale not to have normative standard. Accordingly, in stair industry, who took the lead in solving standardization and industrialization problem, who can reduce manufacturing cost substantially, acquire advantage position in market competition of future. Executing standardization is the enterprise is done big, do strong chief condition.

Settle way:

Nevertheless, stair standardization problem looks be like simple, but execute rise to be not easy thing however. Besides the effort of industry guidance branch, accuse besides the control that produces segment, what do we pay close attention to even?

One, idea of choose and employ persons wants to update

Most stair enterprise is household company more, from modern management the system still has certain space, professional handler is returned in stair industry is a new name. Suffer oneself condition to restrict, household company often grows to be broken through very hard to certain level. And stair industry and industry of a lot of other are compared, the pay salary of tall canal proposes a toast also summary on the low side, these are restricting outstanding person with ability join in. One lacks the talent's industry, how can you make an outstanding brand?
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