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The adornment of stair wants to inspect a condition and be decided
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The detail beautification of stair is very important. Very not regular adornment can be put to hang a picture as the appearance of stair in stair turning, match the adornment that on a few have new idea quite again, casing of the sculpture that is like metallic quality of a material, artistic photograph, manual ashtray, photograph echo is drawn with adornment on detail. If go upstairs ladder, the metope area that checking is very large, can be directly according to oneself idea so on metope draw case adornment. Of course, draw case had better be to ask professional personage to finish.

Stair is in floral decoration to want to be decided according to actual condition. If stair is narrower, use frequency tall, in the choice plant what is appropriate to the occasion chooses small-sized potted flower, wait like pocket coco, fern, pineapple, still can select different plant according to the color of mural face.

If mural face is white, yellow wait for light color, had better select the plant with deep color, if mural face is brunet, select the plant with light color had better. If stair is broader, a paragraph of a flight of stairs can place every other plant of leaf of a few small-sized view or flowers of essay of the four seasons. In armrest the position can put some of green trailing plants or fern, if platform is broader, can place Indian balata to wait.

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