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Does the stair on Chinese house price still sit slide?
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Zhu Yongmin of deputy secretary-general of chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association

I think whole of current “ estate is entered glide the “ inflection point of the judgement of passageway ” and Wang Shi talks ” be exactly the same, those who say is exterior phenomenon, can not show real problem. As to the view of a few extremes of media, for instance price of house of the China after “ Olympic Games wants general to fall ” of 30 % above, this is a kind of model take head view. Be thought by people all along repeatedly of keep one's eyes peeled " blue book of 2008 China estate " also so think: House price rises this year extent general greatly under last year, but because the concussion of international capital market and RMB appreciate continuously,anticipate, a large number of international heat up Qian Ke to be able to enter domestic estate field, become a factor that prompts house price to rise.

Chinese estate passes old adjusting control, look from policy level, the policymaker's thinking more and more apt controls both ends, namely house price rises too quickly with drop considerably, among “ paragraph ” adjusts as far as possible with market measure, accelerate cheap to hire house and economy at the same time the construction of applicable room, adjust previously the housing layout of unbalance, this ability is real cause.

Build Hu Baosen of chairman of bureau of trustee of Inc. of property real estate

City of a gleam of wants to adjust, 23 lines city is healthy. Prospective half an year arrives one year, house price is in of the whole nation go situation is very different, in coastal city, before a few years house price rises faster, regular meeting is adjusted. Break away from value when the price too much, appeared level sex is unreasonable phenomenon, this kind of phenomenon cannot be abiding. But arrived 23 lines city or prefectural class city, its house price had not risen greatly, where to talk to go up to fall greatly again?

(note: Build course of study to make development in Henan only, without project of city of a gleam of)

In Meng Xiaosu of room group president

The wait-and-see mood of common people looks at present had gone slowly. Beijing field had appeared to compare strong pick upping May, purchasing power returned the market to come up.

(note: The project that the room develops in basically is in Beijing)

Zhang Yuliang of president of Shanghai greenbelt group

My viewpoint is 12 words: Change of price of house of rational regression —— is the child of adjusting control; Small queasy —— sees whole economy take situation, situation, I think house price still has small fluctuation to drift; Somebody of otherness big —— puts forward city of a gleam of, second line city, 3 lines city to look apart, I feel reasonable. Actually, it is different prefectural class city, circumstance difference is very big also, all sorts of elements produce an effect to house price, still be very important to the emphasis of otherness.
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